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Lighting technology by WAGO – Highlights in Connection Technology

Lighting technology by WAGO – Highlights in Connection Technology

Today, modern lighting technology bridges the gap between well-being and economical operation, without excluding aesthetics. Thereby, advanced connection technologies are an important part of every light. Ingeniously designed, they guarantee fast and reliable electrical connection, as well as trouble-free operation over the entire lifetime of the lights.

With innovative products, WAGO creates new connection technologies for artificial lighting – via industry-proven, tool-free and maintenance-free CAGE CLAMP® technology. They also provide added value through cost-effectiveness and high quality standard, achieved by WAGO via certified manufacturing processes according to DIN ISO 9001.

Skillfully set up lighting scenes with WAGO: e.g., when installing technical lights, electronic control gears, LED modules (which will become increasingly significant in the future), or custom solutions for luminaire trunking systems.

You, too, can benefit from well-established connection systems, that are not only preferred as standard by leading manufacturers, but also by planners, electrical installers, system engineers and operators.

You will receive the right WAGO connection technology for your lamp here:

Luminaire trunking systems

Luminaire trunking systems provide maximum adaptability and numerous combination possibilities. continue...

Technical lights

Due to highly diverse mounting and lighting types, these lights provide optimum illumination not only of entrance areas and walkways. continue...

Residential luminaires

Residential luminaires are decorative interior lights, of which many are available - suitable for every housing situation and any prefered style. continue...

Electronic ballasts (ECGs)

WAGO provides the right connection technology for integrated or independent electronic ballasts (ECGs). continue...

Light management

Residential and commercial buildings account for more than 40% of total energy consumption. The automation of buildings in particular contributes to improvements in energy efficiency. continue...


LED technology opens up new possibilities for designing LED lights.SMD Terminal Blocks, 2060 Series. continue...


The universal lighting connection system features the standardized Linect® interface that can be used by any lighting manufacturer worldwide. continue...

WINSTA Samples

WINSTA MINI & MIDI Snap-in and PCB connectors for lighting applications. continue...

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