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Guidelines for Cookies

Cookies are small text files stored on your device when surfing on a Web site. These text files are used to identify your device and to save information needed for different functions, e.g., login information, saving your shopping cart or data for user analysis. However, cookies on a reputable site do not save any personal information and are unable to run dangerous applications – they do not represent any security risk for your device!

Cookies on this Web site

We also use cookies on our Web site related to functionality on the one hand and on the other, for statistical and marking purposes. By using cookies, not only is our goal to make your visit to our Web site as pleasant as possible, but to increase the efficiency of our Web site and to display content based on the target group.

The cookies we use do not store personal information, but are linked to anonymous data!

  • "Functionality" cookies:
    These cookies store specific settings or behaviors in conjunction with your visit. We recommend that you do not delete these cookies as they ensure the correct function of the MyWAGO area of our Web site.
  • "Statistical" cookies:
    Cookies for statistical purposes are used to gather statistics about visitors to our Web site. We only use the information collected for internal purposes and do not pass the information on to third parties!

Examples of cookies used:

FunctionalityJSESSIONIDSession endVisitor identification-
Statistics_utma2 yearsAnalyticsGoogle Analytics
_utmb30 minutesAnalyticsGoogle Analytics
_utmcSession endAnalyticsGoogle Analytics
_utmzSession endAnalyticsGoogle Analytics

You can turn off cookies on this Web site

You can block (unwanted) cookies and turn them back on in the browser at any time. The process differs widely from browser to browser. Please refer to the help menu of your browser to change your cookie settings.

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