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Nearly no other branch of the process industry is so susceptible to disturbance while at the same time so multi-faceted as the foodstuff manufacturing and food processing industry. From beer breweries up through industrial bakeries and on up to modern "functional food" production, there is at present an enormous, steadily increasing level of automation present in these processes, along with heightened demands and requirements of the components used in these systems.

Toughness in aggressive atmospheres, high resistance to shock and vibration and easy installation and handling for reducing installation and maintenance time are just a few of the modern challenges at hand. Convenient fault detection of decentralized plant stations and a cost-effective connection via radio technology, e.g., from the fermentation tank to the control technology, demand practical and low-maintenance solutions to benefit foodstuff process technicians. Reliability, quality and ease of use combine to play a decisive role in processing automation efficiency.

WAGO components equipped with CAGE CLAMP® Spring Pressure Connection Technology prove their value every day under the harshest conditions. Over the years, WAGO has developed an enviable safety record, including approvals for use in potentially explosive environments, an impressive array of robust components that readily withstand aggressive environments and safe, truly maintenance-free connections.

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