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  • 2059 Series
    2059 Series
  • 2060 Series
    2060 Series
  • 2061 Series
    2061 Series
  • 250 Series
    250 Series
  • 744 Series
    744 Series
  • 804 Series
    804 Series
  • 805 Series
    805 Series

SMD PCB terminal blocks are the optimal solution for LED applications.

Today, there is an ever-increasing trend in lighting for new buildings and renovations toward modern LED technology. The success of electronic semiconductors is based on a firm foundation: "Efficiency" is the magic word. For LEDs convert around 90% of electrical energy into light waves. By a direct comparison, light bulbs barely achieve a level of 10%! Besides this, LEDs are insensitive to vibration and shock and give off no UV radiation. They also have a long lifetime and require very little maintenance. And last but not least, LED technology opens up new possibilities for designing LED lights and LED lighting. Connection technology must therefore fulfill the requirements for design and functionality while at the same time providing for an operating concept with which the user is already familiar. Farsightedness and innovation are required for this in the development of connection technologies. WAGO, with its SMD PCB terminal blocks of the 2059, 2060 and 2061 Series, can therefore offer a wide variety of solutions for SMD applications and uses that require a number of connections in the smallest of space.

For plug-in applications, there are numerous options available with the WAGO-MCS and WINSTA® program. For LED drivers that are exposed to rough environmental conditions, WAGO has developed the robust terminal blocks of the 804 and 805 Series. The 250 and 744 Series are used for integrated versions. The 251, 253 and 243 Series offer well thought through, useful, additional features for special wiring tasks.

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