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DALI – The Perfect Building Lighting Control

DALI – The Perfect Building Lighting Control

DALI System Graphics

The WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM and DALI not only create atmosphere and well-being, they moreover provide energy-efficient automation of room and building lighting.

With the I/O system by WAGO, you put light masterfully into the limelight from simple switching and dimming, via daylight-dependent lighting control to complex constant light controls of the lighting system - via a centralized or decentralized system.

WAGO DALI products make it easy to build highly flexible solutions. Various controllers with different bus systems (BACnet, KNX, MODBUS, etc.) and the wide range of I/O system modules make solutions available that cover the most diverse requirements and connect separate buildings together.

The WAGO DALI solution consists of the following components:

  • A collection of different WAGO controllers, such as BACnet, KNX IP, Modbus
  • DALI Multi-Master Module 753-647
  • DALI Power Supply 753-620 or 787-1007
  • DALI Sensors
  • DALI Configurator
  • Application libraries with function blocks for creating lighting applications

DALI Multi-Master Module (753-647)

The 12 mm wide DALI Multi-Master Module (753-647) confirms to DALI standard IEC 62386 and in addition to 64 DALI actuators (ECG), supports up to 16 multi-sensors (max. 64 sensor addresses). This eliminates the need for installing sensor-only parallel buses (brightness measurement and/or motion detection). This saves time and money. Commissioning and management of the DALI networks has also been markedly simplified. Installation time is reduced and the network structure is rendered clearer – the bottom line is that the use of DALI is now more profitable than before.

Each DALI ECG can be assigned to 16 groups and 16 scenes. The DALI Multi-Master module also offers 16 additional virtual groups on the DALI bus. .

Your benefits with this module:

  • DALI standard 62386 compliant
  • Up to 64 DALI addresses (for ECGs and sensors)
  • Complex applications can be created using open programming
  • Interfaces between DALI and KNX, BACnet, Modbus and other systems (in combination with the respective WAGO controllers)

DALI Power Supply (753-620/787-1007)

WAGO also offers two options for power supply of the DALI modules, so that customer can choose the best and most reasonably priced solution for their particular needs. A 12 mm-wide module (DALI Multi-Master DC/DC Converter 753-620) provides 200 mA power supply to each DALI module. If several DALI modules are to be operated with one control system, an external 230 V DIN 35-rail mount power supply unit can provide an output current of 1100 mA (787-1007 Power Supply for 753-647 DALI Multi-Master Modules).

Your benefit: Cost-effective power supply for parallel operation of multiple DALI Multi-Master modules

DALI Sensors (2851-8xxx)

WAGO has added multi-sensors for the 753-647 multi-master I/O module to its DALI product range in order to detect movement and brightness. The sensors come in two versions: Either as a multi-sensor kit, consisting of ceiling sensors, sensor coupler (which serves as the interface to the DALI network) and an installation set. Or with a directly integrated link to the DALI bus for mounting as well as for installation on ceilings and in recessed boxes.

The new presence and brightness sensors enable WAGO to offer one-stop shopping for its automation levels in the field of universal DALI lighting solutions. The user can therefore be certain that the components used will have unlimited compatibility with each other. This is in addition to the user-friendly configuration of the entire DALI network, which WAGO provides with the DALI Configurator graphical user interface.

Your benefits with these sensors:

  • End-to-end solution from a single source
  • Different DALI multi-sensors for different installation scenarios
  • Compatible to the DALI Multi-Master module

DALI Configurator

The free DALI Configurator is a graphic configuration interface for configuring and starting up the DALI Multi-Master module (753-647) and the DALI network. The configurator is available as a stand-alone Windows application or for use with WAGO-I/O-CHECK software.

It provides the following functions: easy commissioning, configuration, service, support and maintenance of a DALI network. The software's most prominent features are a simplified project overview, optimized device addressing, efficient batch processing and comprehensive functions for data backup and restoring (Backup & Restore).

Your benefits with the Configurator:

  • Simple and clearly structured commissioning/configuration of a DALI line
  • Efficient batch processing of a high number of DALI devices using multi-select
  • Comprehensive data and parameter backup and restoring for an entire DALI line

Download the DALI Configurator

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DALI Multi-Master


DALI Multi-Master DC/DC converter


Primary switch mode power supplies; for 753-647 DALI Multi-Master Module; DC 18 V / 1.1 A
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