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HVAC Building Automation

HVAC Building Automation

Save energy in building automation through HVAC components: Join the many other planners and system integrators who rely on proven HVAC technology from WAGO. Use our solutions to reduce your programming effort and expense, accelerate commissioning, thanks to versatile macros, and effectively lower your operating costs. Find out more here about the WAGO HVAC solution to fit your needs!

Why use WAGO HVAC building automation components? − For greater comfort and energy efficiency!
Achieve considerable cost savings by using WAGO products! Go to our HVAC products.
System Macros – Parameter Setting, Not Programming

Why use WAGO HVAC building automation components? − For greater comfort and energy efficiency!

By automating your HVAC systems with WAGO products you not only lower energy consumption, but reduce operating costs as well. WAGO offers you exactly the products you need to do this: from simple temperature regulation up to comprehensive control for HVAC systems – from regulation of heating and cooling, up through distribution and all the way up to individual room control.

Experienced system consultants are also ready to help you with advice and assistance. And there is a further benefit: Reduce your operating costs on two fronts: On the one side, WAGO's HVAC products stand apart thanks to their price/performance ratio that outdoes competitors, and on the other side you can considerably reduce your ongoing HVAC costs at the same time. More advantages offered by WAGO for providing convenience and energy efficiency:

  • Worldwide approvals,
  • Software for ease of use,
  • Ready-to-use programs (macros) and
  • The option of expanding and upgrading your system at any time.


Achieve considerable cost savings by using WAGO products! Go to our HVAC products

Control, Regulate, Monitor and Operate

Use our globally proven I/O system to seamlessly control, regulate and monitor all HVAC components from all different fields. Future-oriented using open, standardized bus protocols for building automation (e.g., BACnet IP, BACnet MS/TP or MODBUS/TCP), WAGO control units can be easily and efficiently interlinked. Integrate WAGO control technology economically into existing systems using open communication standards. The PERSPECTO® series web panels are ideally suited for operator control of the systems. Use the integrated web interfaces to easily access your systems via mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones.

Products for control, regulating, monitoring and operation


Supply, Switch, Protect and Transform

Supply, switch, protect and adapt your HVAC technology using interface products from WAGO: WAGO's power supplies guarantee a reliable and monitored flow of power, while its electronic fuses ensure safe, reliable operation. WAGO relays are the ideal solution for simple isolation of the different voltage levels. The JUMPFLEX® family of signal conditioning modules is available for transforming the standard signal forms of the HVAC components. The 789 Series hand-held modules are ready to use for manual operation of the systems.

Products for power supply, switching, protection and transforming


Configuration and Parameterization

Consistent and intuitive: Use WAGO's user-friendly software to configure the settings you require for your HVAC application in an extremely easy manner. Use the many Configurators available to you, for example the BACnet Configurator for independent commissioning, configuration and management. Your work is also made easier by the numerous libraries of function blocks specifically harmonized to the requirements of building automation.

Products for configuring our HVAC components


Bus Systems for HVAC Technology

Depending on the application, different transmission media (wired or wireless) and interfaces can be used in building automation systems. On the field level, this includes flexible and easy-to-install media for greater spatial expansion. This is why WAGO offers a wide variety of solutions ranging from the direct linking of standard sensors and actuators via interfaces to two-wire media, such as BACnet MS/TP. MODBUS, M-Bus, MP-Bus and products for linking to wireless systems, such as EnOcean, are also included as essential protocols in this environment.

Available bus systems for HVAC technology


System Macros – Parameter Setting, Not Programming

WAGO provides comprehensive templates, which include ready-made system macros for many common applications. This time-saving convenience minimizes HVAC configuration for users. After rapidly configuring the application — via simple data point and system parameter assignment — the ready-made application can be directly commissioned.

A system macro consists of various function blocks that are linked to one another to enable the control of an entire ventilation system, for example. The function blocks consist of sub-functions that are combined to allow control of a larger task, such as a heating circuit. Using a system macro, you can also display and configure the entire system in a visualization interface.

More value added: System macros are available as “open source” and can be tailored to meet individual system demands.

Your Benefits with the HVAC Application Macros

  • “Ready to use” applications
  • Economize system commissioning
  • Reuse standardized solutions
  • Customize via open source macros
  • No extensive programming required

The HVAC brochure is available here

The following video clip explains the macro concept: Watch this interesting video now!


For Planners: Macros for TRIC Measurement and Control Software

Using ready-made solutions — instead of customizing standard HVAC systems over and over — significantly increases reliability: All components are compatible with each other and have been extensively manufacturer-tested for functionality. This results in the generation of items such as bid specifications and part lists, as well as cable and data point lists that serve many purposes, including preparing quotations. In addition to all of these value-added functions and project items, TRIC also provides the GAEB text for the tenders of construction bids.

Macros for TRIC is available here

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