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Integrated Engineering - One Software for Automation

Integrated Engineering - One Software for Automation +

The WAGO software concept: modules optimizing your solutions.

Quickly implementing complex machine functions is critical in modern mechanical engineering applications. Both in the office and on the shop floor, development engineers and technicians must manage challenging tasks.

e!COCKPIT is an integrated development environment that supports every automation task from hardware configuration, programming, simulation and visualization up to commissioning — all in one software package. Completely reimagined, this development environment enables users to easily master complex automation networks, saving both time and money.

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CODESYS 3: Integrated Environment

e!COCKPIT is based on the high-performance and well-established CODESYS 3 industry standard. This industry-proven programming environment guides developers, allowing them to reuse and further develop existing projects without relearning software. Compatibility with the IEC standard ultimately ensures the continued profitability of all investments – including those you have already made.

Open to Proven Standards

The software is open to well-established standards, making it an investment in the future. For example, connecting controllers to fieldbus systems using e!COCKPIT is incredibly simple – opening up all the advantages of existing field devices. Ultimately, e!COCKPIT is based on modern IT standards and development methods – guaranteeing long-term viability.

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VersionBase versionDateFile sizeDownloadRequired license
e!COCKPIT v1.4.0--26.02.20182,1 GBRegistratione!COCKPIT
e!COCKPIT v1.4.0e!COCKPIT v1.,1 GBUpdatee!COCKPIT
e!COCKPIT v1.3.1--12.06.20172,0 GBRegistration
12.06.20172,0 GBUpdatee!COCKPIT
24.02.20171,86 GBUpdatee!COCKPIT
05.09.20161,58 GBUpdatee!COCKPIT
(Additional license required)
24.02.201716 MBAdd-One!COCKPIT UML
e!COCKPIT UML v4.0.3e!COCKPIT v1.426.02.201832 MBAdd-One!COCKPIT UML
e!COCKPIT Profiler v1.2.0e!COCKPIT v1.426.02.201828 MBAdd-One!COCKPIT UML
e!COCKPIT Static Analysis v4.2.0e!COCKPIT v1.426.02.201828 MBAdd-One!COCKPIT UML
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