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A company's expertise and readiness to innovate are reflected in its portfolio. As a long-time innovator in the areas of AUTOMATION and ELECTRICAL INTERCONNECTIONS, WAGO's product catalog is therefore as extensive as it is high-performance.

Our digital product catalog contains all information about our products in one place: product characteristics and advantages, downloads, info material, and product videos. For technical details, we forward you easily to our eShop.

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Products in Category: Product catalog
  • Rail-mounted terminal block systems

    DIN rail terminal blocks were forever changed when WAGO introduced its patented CAGE CLAMP® spring pressure termination technology in 1977. This reduced wiring time by up to 50%, while delivering a reliable, maintenance free connection independent of operator skill. The success of this innovation led to further developments such as CAGE CLAMP® Compact, FIT CLAMP®, POWER CAGE CLAMP, and TOPJOB®S with CAGE CLAMP®S.

  • Pluggable Rail-Mounted Terminal Blocks
  • Terminal blocks and connectors

    Whether it is for terminating solid conductors with one another or solid, stranded and fine-stranded conductors together, WAGO has the right connector to meet your most varying requirements.

  • Pluggable Connector Systems
  • PCB terminal blocks and connectors

    Great diversity of PCB terminal blocks and connectors from the technology leader! WAGO offers the most extensive range of different Spring Pressure Connection Technologies for PCB connection and PCB connectors.

  • Components for automation

    The WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM is a flexible fieldbus-independent solution for decentralized automation tasks. With the relay, function and interface modules, as well as overvoltage protection, WAGO provides a suitable interface for any application.

  • AUTOMATION - Interface modules

    Separation into functional and wiring level.

  • Marking Accessories and Marking Units
  • Software

    The WAGO software concept: modules optimizing your solutions.

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