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Current and Energy Measurement Technology

Current and Energy Measurement Technology +

Transparency pays back: Focused on efficiency and economy, WAGO leads with perfectly tuned electrical and energy measurement solutions.

From measuring and analyzing to visualizing, WAGO has the right product for every step of the way. Our technology creates maximum transparency and cost-savings though systematic energy management to hold the line on increasing energy costs. The use of standardized and cost-effective automation technology is simplifying what was previously an exhausting puzzle consisting of the most varied technological components. Simply put: WAGO’s current and energy measurement technology offers a comprehensive range of perfectly tuned energy efficiency solutions.

Advantages of WAGO’s current and energy measurement technology:

  • Lower energy costs through maximum transparency
  • Optimal system utilization
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Comprehensive network analysis
  • Identify/avoid, peak load times by synchronizing the switch off of consumers
  • Everything from one source – a comprehensive and perfectly matched product portfolio

Measuring – Systematically Record Energy Consumption

Anywhere high currents are measured and processed in existing systems, make WAGO's 855 Series Plug-In Current Transformers your first choice. If existing systems have to be retrofitted, simply use 855 Series Rogowski Coils or Split-Core Current Transforms to avoid disassembling cables or interrupting processes.

Evaluating – Identifying and Planning Energy Use

Three different 3-Phase Power Measurement Modules are available for evaluating actual energy consumption via the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750. Depending on the application or customer needs, the energy data can also be converted to an analog standard signal using the 6mm-wide 857 and 2857 Series JUMPFLEX® Current and Rogowski Signal Conditioners.

Visualization and Configuration

WAGO offers the free JUMPFLEX® -ToGo Configuration App for smartphones and tablets, in addition to PC-based software. Similarly, we offer WAGO-I/O-CHECK Software — an easy-to-use Windows application — for the configuration, operation and display of WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 nodes.

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Overview of the WAGO 857 Series Interface Adapter for System Wiring

WAGO's Interface Adapter provides a fast wiring solution between the WAGO I/O SYSTEM (PLC) and relay/optocoupler modules within the JUMPFLEX® 857 Series with the support of pre-assembled 706 Series WAGO Ribbon Cables. continue...

Products in Category: Current Measurement

Rogowski Coils (855 Series)

WAGO's 855 Series Rogowski Coil is a closed-air coil with a non-magnetic split core.

Plug-In Current Transformers with CAGE CLAMP® (855 Series)

UL-certified 855 Series Plug-In Current Transformers join WAGO's product line for energy management applications. Finely graded transformer ratios permit perfect integration into your application.

Voltage Taps (855 Series)

Just one turn — no tools required: WAGO's 855 Series Voltage Taps easily and safely tap a fuse-protected measurement voltage from an insulated conductor.

Current and Voltage Tap (855 Series)

A combination of current transformer and voltage tap, WAGO's current and voltage tap (855-951/250-000) can be quickly and easily mounted into the jumper slot of the 95 mm² (4/0 AWG) high-current through terminal block (285-195). The result is an optimal basis for successful energy management.

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