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The New Web Panels – Design Meets Technology

For visualization tasks with CODESYS 2 and CODESYS 3: WAGO's new e!DISPLAY 7300T Web Panels help you reinforce the quality of your machinery and equipment with a refined design and industry-leading software. Learn more about how the right Web Panels make a difference.

HMI components are the finishing touch for machines or systems and they have an overwhelming impact on purchase decisions. WAGO offers aesthetically pleasing HMIs that leave a lasting impression and significantly increase both the value and image of your machine or system. WAGO’s e!DISPLAY 7300T Web Panel is available in 4.3'', 5.7'', 7.0'' and 10.1'' display sizes.

Your Advantages with e!DISPLAY Web Panels:

  • Aesthetic design with enhanced performance
  • Easy operation, such as front-mount screen brightness adjustment
  • Sensors ensure safety and save energy
  • Quick installation via unique mounting design
  • Seamless integration into the WAGO product range

Web Panels with an Aesthetic Design and Extra Performance

The e!DISPLAY HMI merges a sleek design with some of the industry’s most powerful software: e!DISPLAY helps you shape the high-tech image of your machine or system by displaying high-quality visualizations from both e!COCKPIT (CODESYS 3) and CODESYS 2 Engineering Software. The Web-Based Management feature of WAGO’s controllers may also be operated using the stylish Web Panels. The modern design also packs new technology, such as HTML5, for programming with e!COCKPIT . A Java runtime for CODESYS 2 Web-Visu is also on board.

Easy To Use – Directly Adjust Brightness on the Display

WAGO's e!DISPLAY Web Panel has a resistive touch screen, flanked by three status LEDs that indicate operating status and provide feedback about the operation. For Web Panel configuration and commissioning, an easy-to-customize configuration interface is available: All important settings are quickly and intuitively performed via Web-Based Management, like connecting to one or more WAGO controllers.

Furthermore, sensors can automatically adjust the brightness of e!DISPLAY based on a room’s ambient lighting conditions. For quick and easy custom settings, the display brightness can also be manually adjusted via a front-mount button.

Energy-Saving Sensors on the Web Panel Ensure Safety

e!DISPLAY has an integrated proximity sensor. This allows the visualization to be automatically displayed via energy-saving standby function and screensaver. A motion sensor simultaneously detects ambient lighting levels for brightness control.

Quick Installation via Unique Mounting Design

The e!DISPLAY Web Panel directly latches onto the control cabinet via mounting clips for quick and easy tool-free installation. Achieve IP65 levels of protection for the front of the display with special clamping elements. This design flexibility makes e!DISPLAY extremely versatile and suitable for a wide variety of applications. The VESA mount allows installation on a swivel arm or stand outside of the control panel.

Seamless Integration into the WAGO Product Range

The more harmonious component integration is, the better performance and reliability will be. e!DISPLAY provides visualizations via WAGO’s e!COCKPIT Engineering Software (CODESYS V3) and CODESYS V2. High-performance solutions are yours when e!DISPLAY is combined with WAGO’s industry-leading PFC200 and PFC100 Controllers – all from the same source.

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Web-Panel e!Display: Für Visualisierungsaufgaben mit CODESYS 2 und CODESYS 3 im ästhetischen und hochwertigen Design. Hier geht es zu den Web-Panel!
Model: 7300T
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