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PFC100 Controller – Smaller Just Got Stronger

Diverse outputs in a compact housing: with the PFC100 Controller, WAGO offers an excellently equipped controller at a persuasive cost-benefit ratio. The new member of the PFC Controller family packs a lot under the hood: A fast CPU flanked by several data memories, a runtime system with CODESYS 3, a Linux® operating system, and multiple interfaces to support the most varied of ETHERNET protocols, serial devices, and the I/O system. Learn more about it now.

Increase your competitive ability with controllers from the PFC100 Series: Like the PFC200, which won Product of the Year 2015*, the PFC100 combines the best aspects of Linux® and control technology in one device. This small controller (PLC) can be used flexibly in process industries, and also in the sectors of mechanical engineering and system construction.

Your advantages with WAGO's controllers

  • Economical application planning using the e!COCKPIT engineering software
  • Comprehensively equipped
  • Cost-savings due to regained space
  • Investment protection due to scaleable control technology
  • IT security because of SSL/TLS encryption, VPN, and a firewall

Modern, Economical, and Efficient Application Planning

Modern, Economical, and Efficient Application Planning

The PFC100 can be linked seamlessly into the e!COCKPIT engineering software from WAGO, which enables you to carry out hardware configurations, software programing, simulations, and visualizations of complex controller tasks. The interplay of the automation software with the controller provides the ideal platform for advanced and intuitive CODESYS 3-based engineering. This enables you to reduce your total development time and to bring machines and systems on line faster. The user-friendly interface offers a further added value. Numerous libraries with prefabricated functions and modules ensure additional time savings. The controller supports protocols like ModbusTCP Client/Server or an open-source TCP-UDP communication. The serial interface supports Modbus RTU as client and server, among others.

Comprehensively Equipped

Comprehensively Equipped

The equipping of the programmable logic controller is quite impressive: According to the variant, the controller has two ETHERNET interfaces, and an RS-232/RS-485 interface or a DIP switch. The ETHERNET ports can also be used as ETHERNET switches to create a line topology. An additional advantage is that they can be configured individually, so that if necessary, two separate networks can be established using the PFC100. The microSD card slot should not be forgotten in this list. It provides additional functionality, such as enabling large image files to be stored on an SD card for web visualization.

Cost Savings due to Regained Space

Cost Savings due to Regained Space

Due to the small installation size of the controller and it’ I/O system, the automation technology from WAGO can be installed on a carrier rail in a manner that is extremely conserving of space. This reduces the size of the control cabinet, which in turn leads to cost savings by gaining installation space as well as the potential for constructing complex systems on a smaller footprint.

The PFC100 offers an additional advantage due to its comprehensive functionality; additional devices are no longer necessary for many automation tasks, for example, the controller has its own webserver for visualization in HTML5. VPN links can be established directly from the controller. This reduces the need for additional investment costs.

Investment Protection for Future Demands

Investment Protection for Future Demands

Not least: the controller is a clever solution for the long term in automation due to its user-friendly interface. Further highlights include simple wiring and exchangeability of I/O components, which ensure short installation times and error prevention.

Due to the multiple variants of all controllers in the PFC Series and their various interfaces, you are also perfectly equipped for future tasks — both in systems and mechanical engineering and in manufacturing and process technologies. The scaleable I/O system enables automation from the level of individual machines to entire systems. A large selection from over 400 different I/O modules offers the highest degree of flexibility and functionality. Adapting to new or changed tasks can be achieved easily.

IT Security through SSL Encryption

Protect your data from hackers and other unauthorized access! Since the networking of industrial systems with the Internet, control systems are more vulnerable to cyber attacks. The controller offers comprehensive security packages consisting of SSL/TLS, SSH, VPN, and a firewall. Due to this high level of protection, the controller thus minimizes the effects of an attack on machines and systems. Integrated password protection and secured communication protect against access to functions, programming contents, and the introduction of malware.

Find further information for Embedded Linux.

* Reader’s poll from the trade magazine Elektronik

Availability: Q2 2016

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Der PFC100 überzeugt durch ein top Preis-/Leistungsverhältnis: Schnelle CPU, viel Datenspeicher, Laufzeitsystem mit CODESYS 3, Linux, vielfältige Schnittstellen sowie IT-Security durch SSL/TLS-Verschlüsselung, VPN und Firewall. Erfahren Sie jetzt mehr dazu.
Model: PFC100
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