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Relay Module with Fail-Safe Outputs

Relay Module Scores High with Top Features

Switches high capacitive and inductive loads: the new I/O module for functional safety, with its four fail-safe relay outputs, also offers four fail-safe digital inputs for a wide range of applications.

The relay module for a wide range of applications: with outputs for single-phase and three-phase current, it not only provides potential-free switching of high capacitive and inductive loads such as power contactors and individual valves up to 48 VAC and 60 VDC safely and reliably, this relay is also the optimal solution for linking safety sections of machines to obtain interlinked systems.

Technical Highlights of the Relay Module

  • 4 fail-safe relay outputs 48 VAC/ 60 VDC,
    with 6 A each (total current 24 A)
  • 4 fail-safe digital inputs 24 V
  • Suitable for safety functions up to SIL2, PLd/Cat. 2 (1-channel)
    and SIL 3, PLe/Cat. 4 (2-channel)
  • Isolated and pulse-current-resistant relay outputs
  • Extensive diagnostics via LED and fieldbus

Your Added Value with WAGO

  • Integrated feedback inputs for a compact design
  • Electrical isolation simplifies machine coupling
  • Maintenance personnel can quickly replace devices without special safety training

Data sheet for more information

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For Functional Safety

Fail-Safe Relay Module

The 750-669/000-003 relay module is equipped with internally redundant monitored channels, which ensure safe and reliable activation and deactivation of safety-related systems and devices. The comprehensive electrical isolation of the module outputs decouples the potentials of different devices and machines in a simple manner.

Cost-Effective Solution, Top Features

The features of the safety relay module are impressive: Four isolated output channels enable loads of up to 48 VAC / 60 VDC to be switched. Also on board are four fail-safe feedback inputs, which can monitor the status of the contactor contacts, for example. Other technical features such as an output current of 6 A per channel, pulse-current resistance up to 30 A and the total current of 24 A help enhance the practical use of the module.

And don't forget the PROFIsafe-compliant iPar server. When a device is replaced, this server transfers the correct parameters automatically and securely to the new I/O module. But this relay not only excels from a technical viewpoint: the price/performance ratio of the 750-669/000-003 also impresses across the board, as does the extensive range of functions of the relay – all provided on the module's mere 48 mm width; “top form” from WAGO for space-saving installation on the DIN rail.

Full Range of Setting Options

The relay module can be easily configured using the device writing file via the control system. All inputs can be easily configured and documented using the WAGO-I/O-CHECK software, enabling them to be optimally matched to the application at hand. In addition to error evaluation such as short circuit, external voltage and discrepancy, the relay module also offers different filter times and modes of operation. A further benefit is direct access to these parameters, also using suitable engineering software via the supported “Tool Calling Interface” (TCI).


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Für hohe kapazitive und induktive Lasten: Das sichere Relaismodul bietet neben vier sicheren Relaisausgängen auch vier fehlersichere Digitaleingänge und mehr!
Model: 750-669/000-003
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