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Shield Clamping Saddles — Make Mounting Faster and Easier

For efficient EMC shielding and interference-free operation: WAGO’s patented latching mechanism enables the new 790 Series Shield Clamping Saddles to provide exceptional usability and the simplicity of force-free mounting. The saddles are used wherever the shielding of individual cables must be connected to a ground potential.

Press, latch, place, release — that's how easily the new 790 Series Shield Clamping Saddles are mounted on the busbar, thanks to the patented latching mechanism. The large, recessed grips make the saddles easy to use because they allow the spring to be effortlessly tensioned. Rapid mounting, together with the large, low-impedance connection enable the clamping saddles to provide optimal electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) shielding that also discharges high-frequency interference currents.

Shield clamping saddles advantages:

  • Force-free, straightforward mounting
  • Ideal EMC protection for machines and systems
  • Various mounting options
  • For shield diameters from 3–20 mm in the following three sizes:
    3–8 mm, 6–16 mm and 6– 20 mm

Spring-equipped shielding simplifies install:
Utilizing a spring solution, the shield clamping saddle is fastened on the busbar at the precise pressure required for optimal contact and shielding effect. At the same time, the spring compensates for any settling of the cable. The large shield connection area ensures good discharge performance.

Three lines of WAGO's 790 Series Shield Clamping Saddles are available for shield diameters ranging from 3 to 20 mm: 3–8 mm (790-208), 6–16 mm (790-216) and 6–20 mm (790-220). For safety and convenience, all three variants can be clearly labeled with marking strips or WMB markers. A host of accessories are available for the shield clamping saddles to precisely tailor them to suit nearly any application, including specialty slotted carrier rails and busbar carriers (790-300).

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Für die effiziente EMV-Abschirmung und einen störungsfreien Betrieb: Die neuen Schirmklemmbügel lassen sich einfach handhaben und kraftfrei montieren.
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