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Rogowski Coils

Rogowski Coils

Maximum space-savings at a higher resolution: The new space-saving 855 Series Rogowski coils are impressive with class 1 measurement accuracy acc. EN 61869 in addition to their dimensions.

The optimal current measuring method for retrofitting for space-saving energy data acquisition: The 855 Series Rogowski coils can be easily retrofitted in existing systems and above all, without interrupting ongoing process. With this technology, there are no saturation effects, i.e., Rogowski coils can measure a wide primary current range without loss of accuracy. Modern production methods allow accuracy class 1 acc. EN 61869 and make the comparison between coil and measuring instrument obsolete.

Wide temperature range and high rated insulation voltage

The high rated insulation voltages of 1,000 V Cat. III/600 V Cat. IV and the available coil diameter of 70, 125 and 175 mm make new installation options possible. Signal lines of 1.5 and 4.5 m avoid costly and signal-altering extensions. Further technical refinements such as mounting brackets for fixation with cable ties, the sealable bayonet catch and wide temperature range of -40 °C …. +80 °C guarantee safe and easy handling.

Technical Highlights of Rogowski-Coils

  • Accuracy class 1 acc. EN 61869
  • Rated insulation voltages of 1000 V Cat. III/600 V Cat. IV
  • Ambient temperature -40 °C … +80 °C
  • IP67 protection
  • Mounting brackets for cable tie fixation

Your Added Value with Rogowski Coils from WAGO

  • EN 61869 classification and maximized space-savings with a high degree of accuracy
  • fast and cost-effective installation

The Functionality of Rogowski Coils

The Rogowski coil is placed around a conductor or current bar. The AC current flowing through the conductor induces a proportional voltage in the Rogowski coil.

More information about Current Measurement and Evaluation

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Maximale Platzersparnis bei höherer Auflösung: Die neuen platzsparenden Rogowski-Spulen der Serie 855 überzeugen neben ihren Abmessungen vor allem durch ihre hohe Messgenauigkeit der Genauigkeitsklasse 1 gemäß EN 61869.
Model: Serie 855
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