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Switching Intrinsically Safe Circuits in Hazardous Areas

WAGO's 750-538 2-Channel Relay Output Module provide higher switching power for actuators in Ex Zones 0 and 1.

The 2-Channel Relay Output Module has a lot to offer: Two changeover contacts switch intrinsically safe circuits for solenoid valves, contactors or optical and acoustic signal generators via internal system voltage. The module's switching voltage/current is rated at 100 VAC/0.5 A and 30 VDC/1 A; the maximum permissible values depend on the location*.

The relay output module is approved for “ia” ignition protection, making it suitable for use with intrinsically safe actuators operating directly in hazardous environments of Zones 0/20 or 1/21. Furthermore, standard features, such as electrical isolation between bus and field side, as well as increased clearances and creepage distances for Ex zones, provide enough safety reserves. Integrated LEDs provide added value, allowing you to have the switched status in view at any time.

Your benefits

  • Two potential-free changeover contacts
  • Max. switching voltage: 100 VAC/30 VDC*
  • Max. switching current: 0.5 AAC/1 ADC*

* Permissible switching voltage/current values are to be taken from EN 60079-11

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