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1-to-3 Adjacent Jumpers for Continuous Commoning

1-to-3 Adjacent Jumpers for Continuous Commoning

WAGO's TOPJOB® S line of jumpers gives the TOPJOB® S DIN-Rail Terminal Block line its flexibility. The new 2002 Series 1-to-3 Adjacent Jumpers make continuous commoning applications even easier.

By combining a 1-to-2 continuous jumper with WAGO's new 1-to-3 Adjacent Jumper, various commoning applications can be performed in just one jumper slot. Either adjacent rail-mounted terminal blocks (1 to 2) or every other terminal block can be commoned (1 to 3). Additionally, any type of commoning application can be performed by combining both variants.

Flexible commoning is also possible by combining two continuous jumpers into a single jumper slot.

For any additional function, or commoning a greater number of terminal blocks during commissioning, simply add an adjacent jumper for continuous commoning to the same jumper slot. Individual jumpers can simply be removed from the assembly.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Flexible commoning by combining only two continuous jumpers, 1-to-3 and 1-to-2
  • Easily add functions by simply inserting an additional continuous jumper
  • Use the second jumper slot for additional commoning or testing

The continuous jumpers are designed so that a contact for two adjacent continuous jumpers can be placed into one jumper slot, providing a common contact. This means that only one jumper slot is required. The second jumper slot can be used for additional commoning, accommodating TOPJOB® S connectors for additional connections or for testing.

The 1-to-3 adjacent jumpers for continuous commoning are available in light gray, red and blue. Having multiple colors provides a greater overview of the control cabinet by identifying different applications.

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Mit dem neuen Querbrücker für Endlosbrückung von 1 auf 3 der Serie 2002 wird die Lösung von diversen Brückungsaufgaben noch leichter. Erfahren Sie hier mehr dazu!
Model: Querbrücker für Endlosbrückung
Product ID: 2002-423
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