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Field Side Connection Module for Electronic Circuit Breakers

Field Side Connection Module for Electronic Circuit Breakers

Multiply potentials in small spaces: By using space-saving electrical distributors from WAGO, the connections from 4- and 8-channel electronic circuit breakers can be quintupled, with additional space for the positive and negative potentials.

IPC’s, PLC’s, visualizations, relays, optocouplers, signal conditioners, sensors, actuators, and many other devices want to be supplied with electronic circuit breakers via power supply units.

The 288-870/0000-0030 and 288-870/0000-0040 Potential Multiplication Modules are the ideal solution for designing a compact yet clear supply in the control cabinet.

Space-saving installation, quick connection, persuasive cost-benefit ratio!

The Potential Multiplication Modules have improved their position with respect to the competition: they now accommodate 4 or 8 potentials on a small profile, with 5 connections each for distribution of nominal voltages of 12, 24, or even 48 VDC and the ground potential of 0 V. Pre-wiring, thanks to pluggable picoMAX® female connectors, optional protection against mismating through the use of coding fingers, commoning options even across modules to reduce the wiring expense, and marking possibilities are additional advantages that reduce costs and increase convenience.

Your advantages in using electrical distributors for electronic circuit breakers

  • Use on 4- and 8-channel ECBs
  • Space-saving dimensions
  • Pre-wiring and electrical isolation of current paths
  • Optional protection against mismating
  • Continuous marking that conforms to standards
  • Commoning option

288-870/0000-030 in eShop
288-870/0000-040 in eShop

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Mit den platzsparenden Stromverteilern lassen sich die Anschlüsse von 4- und 8-kanaligen elektronischen Schutzschaltern verfünffachen. Auch für Plus- und Minuspotential.
Model: Potentialvervielfältigungsklemme
Product ID: 288-870/0000-030, 288-870/0000-040
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