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Maximum Security at Maximum Speed—EPSITRON®, Single-Channel Electronic Circuit Breakers

The new EPSITRON® Series single-channel electronic circuit breakers reliably protect your consumers against over-current and short-circuiting. The secondary-side fusing will trigger even in the event of a low over-current that falls within the EN 60204 conditions, thus making it possible to use a cost-effective basic network device. Triggering occurs after just 4 ms in the event of a hard short-circuit.

With a width of only 6 mm, these new circuit breakers are the narrowest electronic circuit breakers currently on the market. They are approximately 66 % smaller than a line circuit breaker and can thus save even more space, particularly when used in switch cabinets.

This ensures that the system starts up smoothly even at high capacities. The ECB allows high-capacity loads greater than 50,000 microfarads to be switched on, without taking any further action or changing the nominal current, which helps reduce false tripping due to inrush currents.

Wide, Flexible Range of Application

The electronic circuit breakers can be used in a wide range of applications. Their functions make them ideal for secondary fuse protection for large cable lengths as well as for small cable cross-sections where safety fuse and line circuit breakers cannot be triggered.
Thanks to the digital input, the circuit breakers are also suitable as an electronic relay, which can switch the load on and off remotely.
In mechanical and plant engineering, electronic circuit breakers are widely used to reliably shut down a ground fault in the control circuit within a defined period of time as defined in EN 60204. Electronic circuit breakers are often chosen over safety fuses for equipment protection on account of their high level of accuracy.

Electronic circuit-breaker use is flexible when working within an ambient temperature range from -25° C to 70° C, even under extreme conditions.

The new circuit breakers can be used in modules and allow the input voltage or similar to be directly connected to JUMPFLEX® 857 and 2857 Series units by using a small amount of wiring that is easily connected the output voltage. Signal inputs and outputs can also be combined into sum signals by using jumpers.

Benefits of EPSITRON® Electronic Circuit Breakers:

  • DC 24 V / in 5 versions with rated current
    1 A (787-2861/100-0000)
    2 A (787-2861/200-0000)
    4 A (787-2861/400-0000)
    6 A (787-2861/600-0000)
    8 A (787-2861/800-0000)
  • with devices color coded according to nominal current
  • An extremely slimline version
  • Switch-on capacity: >50,000 µF
  • Wide operating temperature range: −25° … +70° C
  • Resetting, on/off switching directly on the module or remotely via digital input signal
  • Triggered signal output can also be combined as a group signal for up to 30 devices
  • Approvals: CE, UL 61010, UL 2367


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