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The 2-in-1 solution: Current and Voltage Tap for 2-conductor through terminal block

This Current and Voltage Tap (855-951/250-000) will immediately supplement the line of current and energy measuring equipment with a new, innovative solution. This combination of 2-conductor through terminal block and the new Current and Voltage Tap form the optimum base for successful energy management, because current and voltage are required wherever electrical power is measured.

Lack of space is a prevailent problem in switch cabinets, when it is necessary to install a number of current transformers and voltage taps. Time and installation also play a very importart role. This Current and Voltage Tap can be inserted quickly into the jumper slot in the 2-conductor through terminal block (95 mm2), eliminating the final user's need for additional transformers or installation units.

Moreover an integrated fuse provides protection for power measuring equipment connected in the subsequent circuit. An integrated current transformer, with a conversion ratio of 250 A / 1 A, allows precise current measurement as specified in EN 61869-2, in accuracy class 0,5.A

The current output connection is marked with S1 (black) and S2 (red).A push-button mechanism serves to connect and disconnect fine stranded conductors.

The 5-pin design (2 x S1 and 3 x S2) provide advantages such as:

  • Current transformer (S1 & S2) can be short circuited with a jumper (2000-402)
  • Direct ‘Y’ point jumper on current transformer

The voltage is connected using a redundant PCB terminal block.

The product is completed with optimum labeling options, guaranteeing clear marking in the switch cabinet. Users can choose between continuous marking strips or the WMB multi-marking system.

In short the Current and Voltage Tap, in combination with the WAGO 750 Series 3-Phase Power Measurement Module, is the first step in successful energy management.

Video Current and Voltage Tap

Your advantages with the Current and Voltage Tap:

  • Tapping power data directly from power supply
  • Same overall width as 2-conductor through terminal block (95 mm2)
  • Integrated 250 A/ 1 A current transformer
  • Meets all specifications for accuracy class 0.5 for exact measuring results
  • Fused voltage path for protection of measuring instruments in subsequent circuit.
  • Transformer short circuit and neutral point jumper
  • Various marking options for clear identification


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