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I/O That Specializes in High Currents

WAGO's new 3-Phase Power Measurement Module (750-494/000-005) measures DC and AC currents up to 20,000 A via external shunts.

A new high-current variant joins WAGO's family of 3-Phase Power Measurement Modules. The new 750-494 Module measures DC and AC currents up to 20,000 A, augmenting the upper-range of WAGO’s energy measurement technology portfolio.

In factories and buildings, voltage, current and energy consumption measurements are becoming more and more important, because effective energy data management helps companies save power and money. WAGO's 3-Phase Power Measurement Modules (750-493, -494 and -495) play an important role in the market. The modules' current transformers and Rogowski coils measure alternating currents via 1A and 5A inputs, making them vital in collecting metrics for the relevant electrical data of an AC supply network.

With the new module for external shunts, WAGO is taking a technological step forward. Especially in the DC area, a higher current must often be measured, such as the battery-fed emergency power supply or the monitoring of machines and systems in industrial productions. This is why WAGO equipped its new modules with external shunts rather than conventional current transformers, which enable the measurement of high AC and DC currents.

Your Five Top Advantages

  • Measure machine and system energy consumption values
  • Detect and process all relevant measured variables
  • Comprehensive network analysis
  • Connect to the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM: fieldbus-independent, compact and flexible
  • Current detection via external shunts for higher DC current measurement

For each phase in a three-phase supply network, WAGO’s power measurement modules calculate the following energy and consumption data using actual values for current and voltage: active energy, active power, active factor, phasing, idle and apparent power, rotary field detection, peak current, and power factor. In DC applications, the module calculates the respective power values from voltage and current. This capability makes WAGO's new 750 Series 3-Phase Power Measurement Module ideal for fault detection and energy consumption calculation in areas with high AC/DC currents.

Expected availability: April 2017

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