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Measuring System with Added Value

The new WAGO Energy Data Management system easily records and manages energy data without any programming and can be upgraded at any time.

For the energy revolution to succeed, energy efficiency must be increased and the absolute energy demand lowered. This is the reason the German government included decreasing electricity consumption in Germany by ten percent compared to 2008 by 2020 and by 2050, 25 percent, among the goals of its energy concept. WAGO Energy Management can help to raise efficiency in the industrial and building sectors, by recording and managing energy data as the basis for improvements on the energy and process technology level.

Thanks to a combination of predefined hardware and user-friendly software, WAGO Energy Data Management is easily integrated into systems and building technologies. An application controller from the PFC200 family and the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 provide the hardware foundation. The modular structure enables individual adaptation to specific circumstances. In addition to energy-specific values like electrical currents or voltages, the WAGO Controller can record other measurement variables relevant for industrial and process technologies or building applications − for example, gas, heat, water, compressed air and temperature. Accordingly, the WAGO System offers:

  • connection of existing sensors to the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM,
  • energy data evaluation and derivation of efficiency measures and
  • generation of performance indicators to achieve energy management standard DIN EN ISO 50001.

Simple Parameter Setting

It is the associated software that establishes the WAGO Energy Data Management as a powerful and user-friendly solution. The software is loaded on the controller and automatically detects the connected I/O modules at startup. The inputs for data recording are adjusted via simple parameterization. This solution offers:

  • A graphical user interface
  • Easy settings with a click of the mouse
  • Access via HTTPS and standard browser

The data are transferred to higher level energy management software via Modbus TCP/IP or as a CSV file via FTPS. The history can also be saved on an SD card. Because it is so easy to integrate the versatile new WAGO solution into existing systems, increasing measurement point depth is also a simple matter.

Visualization Is Included

With the integrated visualization tool, collected data are readily displayed and evaluated in various forms such as diagrams and graphics. Thus, WAGO Energy Data Management is also ideal right when an energy monitoring system is started or when it will be processed without higher level energy management software. Details of the possibilities include:

  • Load curves generated synchronously with the energy supplier
  • Determination of peak loads through second-by-second display of consumption
  • Consideration of energy use in relation to process adaptations


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