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M-Bus Module – Now for Connecting Energy and Consumption Meters Directly

M-Bus Module – Now for Connecting Energy and Consumption Meters Directly

Reduces costs, simplifies installation and saves space: You can connect up to 40 M-Bus devices to the I/O system directly with the new M-Bus module (753-649) for capturing consumption data – without external gateways and level inverters.

Intelligent energy management begins with separate collection of heat, water, electricity and gas consumption. Therefore, it is the focus of private and commercial users to measure energy consumption – first and foremost in the area of building automation.

The I/O system with an M-Bus module (meter bus) is the right solution to handle energy and consumption data: Depending on the WAGO controller, consumption data can be transmitted flexibly on the control system's existing fieldbus protocol, e.g., BACnet or MODBUS. By doing so, you avoid additional cabling for the building information. Software can be used to easily ready the data via the ETHERNET interface.

Your top advantages with the M-B module:

  • Direct (no external gateways/level inverters) and cost-effective connection of M-Bus devices to the I/O system
  • Highly flexibly by combining with other I/Os and I/O system interfaces
  • Use of multiple modules for larger data volumes

Why M-Bus modules from WAGO? They pay for themselves three times over!

The M-Bus is inherently a cost-effective fieldbus for transmitting energy consumption data in accordance with EN 13757. Reduce additional costs with the M-Bus module from WAGO: The module is very space-saving compared to comparable solutions, thus reducing wiring overhead.

Using M-Bus

The M-Bus is used to read energy consumption data from pwer meters, heat meters, gas meters, water meters and various sensors and actuators from different manufacturers. As an efficient system for measuring consumption data, the M-Bus is often used in the area of building control systems.

Operation of the M-Bus

The M-Bus system based on a master/slave mode can be operated as a line, star or tree topology. The master powers the serial bus and processes the data of the M-Bus slaves (measurement devices). A WAGO controller with the M-Bus module that communicates with bus nodes via 2-wire bus can handle the role of the master. Up to 40 slaves per module can be connected. The M-Bus transmits data at speeds of 300 to 9600 bps. Regular type J-Y(St)Y N x 2 x 0.8 mm telephone cable, for example, can be used as for M-Bus cabling.

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Für den direkten Anschluss von Energie- und Verbrauchszählern. Reduziert Kosten, vereinfacht die Installation, spart Platz. Hier mehr erfahren und kaufen!
Model: 753-649
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