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Four new ones for your measuring tasks—The JUMPFLEX® family of products is growing

The JUMPFLEX® 857 Series compact housing concept has set a new standard in signal conditioners that are only 6 mm wide, and offer universal commoning options and numerous technical features. With its new JUMPFLEX® signal conditioners, WAGO is continuing to expand its existing JUMPFLEX® portfolio, offering its customers the best solutions from a single source.

The new, compact 857 Series JUMPFLEX® signal conditioners are user-friendly and easy to configure using DIP switches or interface configuration software. They also feature a safe 3-way isolation with 3 kV test voltage and a wide ambient temperature range from -40° to +70° C. Moreover, they can be easily marked with WMB and TOPJOB® S marking strips—so you always easily identify them.

The benefits of working with the new JUMPFLEX® Signal Conditioners:

  • Multiple, easy-to-use configuration options
  • Wide operating temperature range: −40 ... +70 °C
  • Safe 3-way isolation with 3 kV test voltage per EN 61010-1
  • A narrow 6 mm width
  • Labelling using WMB + TOPJOB® S marking strips

The new JUMPFLEX® Signal Conditioners at a glance

Signal Splitter, 857-424

  • Variable signal splitting thanks to two configurable current/voltage outputs
  • Optimal filtering of disturbance variables thanks to switchable threshold frequency
  • Offers high measures of safety
  • Less wiring effort due to commoning the supply voltage

Available March 2017

Voltage Signal Conditioner, 857-560

  • Detects DC and AC voltage up to AC/DC 300 V
  • It is possible to change the measuring method to switch between the effective value (RMS) or arithmetical mean value
  • Digital signal output (DO), which reacts to freely configurable measuring range limits
  • Supply voltage with commoning option


Power Signal Conditioner, 857-569

  • Parallel current and voltage measurement, conversion into power and output as analog standard signal
  • The option of a performance analysis for one phase
  • Measured value processing can be switched between the RMS value or arithmetic mean value and between the effective, apparent or reactive power, and the phase angle.
  • Digital signal output (DO)


Loop-Powered RTD Temperature Signal Conditioner, 857-815

  • Detection of Pt sensors and resistance of up to 4.5 kOhm
  • Converting the temperature signal into an analog standard signal
  • Fault signaling by wire break/short-circuit sensor detection
  • No additional supply voltage required thanks to supply via the output loop
  • 2-, 3-, and 4-wire connection technology


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