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EPSITRON® CLASSIC Power Supplies — Now with 2- and 3-Phase Units

WAGO has extended its line of universal EPSITRON® CLASSIC Power Supplies to include: flexible 2- and 3-phase models that are certified for use worldwide.

The robust 1-, 2- and 3-phase EPSITRON® CLASSIC Power Supplies all feature a slim design that requires minimal cabinet space. The devices’ integrated TopBoost function permits cost-effective, secondary-side fuse protection. In the event of a short circuit on the secondary side, a short power surge is supplied, allowing users to implement considerably cheaper electronic circuit breakers.

New 2- and 3-phase EPSITRON® CLASSIC Power unit advantages:

  • Cost-effective, secondary-side fusing via integrated TopBoost
  • Slim design
  • Wide input voltage range and an increased level of transient protection
  • Ready for use worldwide thanks to both UL and GL approvals
  • DC OK contact
  • Convenient pre-wiring via CAGE CLAMP® connection technology — 100 % protected against mismating
  • Marking field for device identification
  • Ideal complement to existing single-phase power supplies within the EPSITRON® CLASSIC Power line

Suitable for a wide range of supply networks and applications worldwide

The EPSITRON® CLASSIC Power Supplies feature a wide input voltage range of 320 to 575 volts and a higher transient protection level, permitting up to 4 kV of surge protection on the input side. These levels of protection, paired with UL approval and GL approval (fourth quarter 2015), mean the devices will support a wide range of supply networks and applications worldwide.

You can use all 18 EPSITRON® CLASSIC Power Supplies at ambient operating temperatures ranging from -25 °C to +70 °C. Furthermore, these units allow a cold start at -40 °C while reducing the output load from a temperature of +55 °C.

The new 2-phase power supplies are designed for applications with voltages of 24 VDC and currents of 5 A (787-1628); the 3-phase power supplies are suitable for voltages of 24 V and currents of 10 A (787-1640), 20 A (787-1642) and 40 A (787-1644). Each model carries a green status LED that indicates the availability of the output voltage; the DC OK contact indicates an undervoltage above an output voltage of 21.5 V.

WAGO's trusted CAGE CLAMP® connection technology permits convenient pre-wiring while protecting from mismating.

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