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e!COCKPIT Engineering Software — invitation to discover

e!COCKPIT Engineering Software — invitation to discover

Preparing machines and systems for faster startup: e!COCKPIT the new engineering software shortens development time for automation projects while impressing with a modern and clearly laid out user interface. At the software’s core is CODESYS 3, which provides the simple and versatile creation of applications.

Ensuring a project’s long-term viability through sustainable cost savings hinges on a user’s ability to quickly adapt to new software that offers a high degree of reusability. This sharpens your competitive edge by reducing your time to market.

WAGO set out to fulfill these exact requirements by developing its own engineering software: e!COCKPIT. This integrated development environment supports every automation task from hardware configuration, programming, simulation and visualization up to commissioning — all in one software package.

Use the programming tool to cover all important automation bases while simultaneously engineering particularly complex projects quickly and easily. To achieve these lofty goals, WAGO has equipped its engineering software with the following functions:

Fast fieldbus configuration: This engineering tool has a wide variety of features. Complex networks can be easily planned, configured and programmed from the “network view”. In addition to classic network protocols such as MODBUS, other fieldbuses can be engineered with just a few mouse clicks, including PROFIBUS, CAN and CANopen. Drag & Drop functionality makes the incorporation of elements intuitive, while Copy & Paste functions enable users to quickly duplicate complete network branches. The simultaneous setting of parameter values for several modules also highlights the simplicity of configuration with e!COCKPIT.

Even in networks with mixed fieldbus connections, e!COCKPIT provides users with a clear overview at all times. The engineering tool can also configure data connections between control systems and fieldbus couplers with just a few clicks, helping prevent errors and dramatically simplifying and shortening system commissioning. Another plus: Automation engineers can seamlessly incorporate available field devices using fieldbus-specific device description files, such as EDS.

  • Integrated configurators: Optimal results when creating components and communication relationships
  • Ease of use: Save time using Drag & Drop, Copy & Paste or batch processing
  • Graphical network topology; easily visible correlations

Minimize cost and effort: Incorporate CODESYS 3 into your control task programming. This familiar programming environment instantly orients new users having IEC 61131 experience to WAGO’s project-enhancing engineering tool. And users who feel at home with object-oriented programming can get the most out of this software. Use e!COCKPIT to engineer, plan and program your applications in accordance with IEC 61131. The integrated visualization editors can be used to quickly and easily create high-resolution graphics for simple control of specific operating processes. As an added bonus, no time is required for reprogramming an application — all the software elements can be reused for other projects. Complete your tasks faster using a wide range of preconfigured libraries.

  • CODESYS 3 base technology: Economically reuse and refine existing projects
  • IEC 61131-3: No need to learn new programming
  • Object-oriented programming: Profit from modern paradigms

Modern user interfaces for operating and monitoring machines are standard. And this is vital, as today they also determine the acceptance of overall automation systems. e!COCKPIT employs Drag & Drop to streamline the design of modern user interfaces. The integrated visualization editor offers direct access to program variables; HMI and the PLC programs can be simulated on the engineering PC without being opened, resulting in shorter times to market. Use of Unicode and modern standards, such as HTML 5 or CSS, also provides freedom from the traditional barriers of language and target system.

  • Modern user interfaces for operating and monitoring: Give the machine a modern and highly customized appearance
  • Integrated visualization editor: Design using Drag & Drop and direct access to program variables
  • Not bound to any one language or target system: Unicode, HTML 5 or CSS

Being acutely aware of the automation network’s current status is an absolute must for the rapid detection and elimination of errors — be it during development in the office or directly on the machine during commissioning. e!COCKPIT offers comprehensive diagnostics options for this, with individual views always displaying the control systems' current status data — both in tables and diagrams. And, error messages are transmitted directly and clearly. Employing the structured wiring test function, erroneous wiring can be systematically identified. Even with complex automation solutions, you always have a clear overview of the overall situation.

  • Systematic status views: Always have an overview of the entire situation, even with complex automation solutions
  • Extensive diagnostics options: Fast error localization and elimination

The CODESYS 3-based software is brimming with functions that provide faster and easier operation. With its “ribbon” layout, the software offers a clearly structured menu bar, which has proven to be effective and successful in other modern software applications. Only those functions which are directly related to the current task are visible to the user. The intuitive user interface, combined with the performance of an integrated development topology, means a better overview, fewer mouse clicks and greater usability for all. End-to-end data storage, from initial planning up through configuration, helps accelerate the engineering process.

Your Advantages with the e!COCKPIT Engineering Software

  • Minimized development time
  • Faster introduction to the market
  • Earlier return on investment (ROI)
  • Integrated engineering
  • Intuitive design (usability)
  • Modern software
  • Graphical network configuration

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Mit der Engineering-Software e!COCKPIT nehmen Sie Maschinen und Anlagen schneller in Betrieb
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