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Safety on 24 mm – Collecting NAMUR Signals in Ex Areas

Features: Eight digital inputs connect to intrinsically safe NAMUR sensors and contacts, which can be directly operated in hazardous areas of ATEX Zones 0/20 and 1/21.

WAGO's NAMUR Ex i Module (750-439) provides a flexible and effective solution for intrinsically safe digital applications: The module connects both NAMUR sensors and optocouplers, as well as mechanical contacts and other actuating elements. It doesn't matter whether they are operated in hazardous environments of Zones 0/20 or 1/21.

Power supply and diagnostics: The module supplies connected sensors with a short-circuit-protected operating voltage of 8.2 V. For each channel, the module also detects sensor failures, such as wire breaks or short circuits. Diagnostic messages are displayed via integrated LEDs.

Diagnostic messages can also be displayed both via higher-level control system and configuration software. When monitoring mechanical contacts instead of NAMUR sensors, the wire-break or short-circuit diagnostic LED can be switched off via process image.

Within the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750, the 8-channel digital module can be installed in Zone 2 together with the standard automation components. This allows Ex i applications to be safely and economically combined with standard automation applications. Additional benefits: Not only time and money, but also valuable space can be saved in the control cabinet as no additional devices, such as Zener barriers or isolating amps, are required and high channel density is provided in a small space.

Your benefits

  • ATEX and IECEX certifications (pending)
  • Collect binary signals in hazardous environments of Zones 0/20 + 1/21
  • Connect to intrinsically safe NAMUR sensors, optocouplers, mechanical contacts, other operating elements
  • 8 digital inputs on just 24 mm width
  • Diagnostic capable (channel-by-channel)
  • LED diagnostics can be deactivated via process image

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