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The new LON® I/O module – Flexibility2

The new LON® I/O module – Flexibility2

The new LON® 753-648 I/O module from WAGO offers full flexibility. It can be used to easily and quickly set up interfaces at the field and automation level to other protocols, such as BACnet® IP and KNX IP. The freely definable network interface can manage up to 249 variables.

The new LON® I/O module enables LON® field devices to be linked to the WAGO-I/O SYSTEM 750 with even more flexibility and freedom of choice. This flexibility is achieved primarily by the interfaces to a variety of supported protocols: From BACnet IP, KNX IP and MODBUS TCP up to DALI or SMI, anything is possible. Combined with a 32-bit controller and other components from the WAGO-I/O SYSTEM, the LON module enables variable configuration with different LonWorks® devices. The 753-648 module also saves space, thanks to its enclosure width of only 12 mm.

Expand flexibility and optimize and simplify work processes! These fundamentals were always at the heart of the development of the 753-648. Its freely configurable network interface, which can manage up to 249 variables, is what makes the LON® I/O module so extremely flexible and economical. Network variables "Configuration properties" and LonMark®-compliant objects can now be directly created in the WAGO-I/O-PRO development environment, followed by automatic generation of the programming structures, including the necessary function blocks.

WAGO also provides other function blocks for even more flexibility, convenience and time savings for processing network management commands to enable subordinate LON® devices to be accessed from the programming environment. This represents substantial value added in particular for automatic integration of devices into recurrent applications.

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