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Industrial Control System – Controller with CODESYS 3 Runtime

Industrial Control System – Controller with CODESYS 3 Runtime

Engineering, controlling and creating visualizations for your projects has become easier and more convenient. A CODESYS 3-based runtime environment and real-time-capable Linux® operating system make WAGO's PFC200 Controller the right choice for efficiently managing your automation tasks.

Bring new products to market faster and earn a quicker return on investment: WAGO offers you both with its new end-to-end software engineering. The PFC200 family is in the starting blocks and ready to run with the new e!COCKPIT engineering software.

In addition to the well-established CODESYS 2 runtime system, WAGO’s PFC200 also features e!RUNTIME — an on-board CODESYS 3-based runtime system. Together with e!COCKPIT, these systems provide innovative options for generating programs and visualization. As such, the PFC200 is ideal for supporting the transition to CODESYS 3. Using this convenient and simple runtime system along with the integrated web visualization application, you can quickly and efficiently execute even complex automation tasks. This makes the controller perfect for expediting and economizing production, while streamlining machine and system operation. The PFC200’s software makes it ideal for satisfying the requirements of traditional engineering disciplines, such as mechanical engineering, while tackling the toughest technical demands of newer fields including power supply and the on/offshore industries.

Incorporating the well-established CODESYS industrial standard makes it even easier for users to adapt to the system. Besides standardized IEC 61131-3 programming languages (IL, LL, FBD, ST, FC) and CFC, ambitious users can also write their projects in C/C++, PHP or shell scripts. Programs and libraries created in any type of programming language are compatible with CODESYS applications.

Using the new e!COCKPIT engineering software, complex networks can be easily planned, configured and programmed from the network view. In addition to classic network protocols, such as MODBUS, other fieldbuses can be engineered with just a few mouse clicks including PROFIBUS, CAN and CANopen. In addition, the integrated visualization editor can be used to easily create modern user interfaces for the simple control of operating processes. And, there is an added bonus: No time is required for reprogramming an application, as the software elements can be reused for other projects. Simply use preconfigured libraries to accelerate project development.

Rely on the PFC200 to

  • Simplify project commissioning with configuration via web-based management
  • Seamlessly integrate a PLC into existing networks
  • Shorten engineering times and lower costs
  • Use in large fieldbus networks

Embedded Linux® is available for users who are ready to take complete control and prefer the direct use of a lean and secure operating system. This real-time Linux® software provides a wide range of advantages, including the flexibility of using “open source” code that adapts the source code to a user's specific needs at any time. In addition to being highly stable, this robust operating system also offers permanent optimization through the active open-source community, keeping you both current and ready to adapt to what’s next – especially when it comes to security.

The features are impressive: Despite its compact size, the PFC200 carries all the vital interfaces and even includes two RJ-45 and RS-232/RS-485 ports – depending on the version you select. For ultimate versatility, the ETHERNET interfaces can be configured independently, meaning two separate networks can be configured with the PLC. The two ETHERNET ports can also be used as an ETHERNET switch to create a line topology. And then there’s the SD card slot, which provides additional functionality, such as enabling large image files to be stored on an SD card for web visualization.

The rugged plastic housing accommodates a 600 MHz Cortex A8 processor, flanked by 256 MB RAM for exceptionally fast operating speeds. The large and dynamically distributable 80 MB of program and data memory also provide reserves for complex control tasks.

The CANopen, PROFIBUS DP and Modbus TCP/UDP/RTU protocols enable flexible connection of fieldbuses and external input/output devices. Easily configure these fieldbus systems directly in the network view of e!COCKPIT. The ETHERNET interfaces also support all standard protocols, including DHCP, DNS, NTP, FTP, SNMP and HTTP, with SSH, HTTPS and FTPS available for secure connection. The PLCs also provide optional encryption via IPsec and VPN (SSL and SSH) for the highest standards of security.

Your Advantages with the PFC200 Industrial Controller

  • Programmable to IEC 61131-3
  • Can be combined with high-level languages
  • PLC and IT functions in a single device
  • Variety of interfaces
  • Security (SSL and SSH)
  • Runtime system for CODESYS 2 and 3

Here is all the new information about the Controller with CODESYS 3 Runtime:



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The new software version of the PFC200 with e!RUNTIME will be available online during the first quarter of 2015

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Der Controller ist dank der auf CODESYS 3 basierenden Laufzeitumgebung und dem echtzeitfähigen Linux®-Betriebssystem die effiziente Steuerung für Ihre Automatisierung.
Natürlich von WAGO
Model: PFC200
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