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Full Flexibility with the Modular Empty Housing

The new 2857 Series Modular Empty Housing gives you full flexibility when implementing your individual electronics solutions. This series furnishes you with benefits above and beyond pluggable connection technology and extensive marking options.

When standard products reach their limits, tailor-made solutions are demanded. WAGO's Modular Empty Housing for the DIN 35 rail offers you the freedom of choice you demand. Connection options can be individually configured over all three levels for housing widths of 12.5 and 22.5 mm.

Safe and robust “packaging” of your electronics is ensured not only by the housing's compact design, but also by its ease of use. The empty housing is delivered as a pre-assembled unit, saving you valuable installation time. You only need to insert and solder the PCB and snap on the side panel and the housing is ready for your application.

Extensive marking, wide variety of conductor connections

This variable and user-friendly concept is also reflected in the Spring Pressure Connection Technology used for terminating the conductors. For each connection level you can choose individually between a pluggable picoMAX® female connector, a fixed picoMAX® female connector and a vacant space without any connection technology. The huge benefit offered by this is that the female connectors can be coded and easily wired when plugged or unplugged. The integrated push-buttons and test ports make handling especially easy and intuitive.

The proven Push-in CAGE CLAMP® connection technology provides push-in termination of solid and ferruled conductors of up to 2.5 mm2 (AWG 14).

The same profile for all housing widths also provides the ability to common the power supply for a group of components. This, in turn, saves you the time and effort involved in wiring each single component, making connections fast and easy.

An important aspect of modular components is their marking. A wide variety of marking options for the modular empty housing provide you with a better overview in all situations. Male and female connectors marked at the factory make allocation of the individual female connectors to a specific level all the easier. You can also implement your own individual marking using the WAGO WMB Multi marking system, WMB Inline, the marking strip on the housing and the WAGO Micro-WSB Quick marking system on the housing cover and ejector.

The transparent housing cover can also be sealed in place to protect the future display and operating elements against external conditions.

Your benefits with the Modular Empty Housing

  • Pre-assembled unit saves installation time
  • High flexibility via custom configuration of connection levels
  • Various marking options available
  • Suitable for railway applications

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