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Telecontrol Technology – Controlling Small and Large Applications

Telecontrol technology for developers and users: With the PFC200 telecontrollers you can switch, regulate and monitor any telecontrol task – from complete power grid I&C systems down to individual actuators and sensors. Read here to find out what these two controllers have to offer you on the inside.

Two performance classes for all telecontrol solutions: These two WAGO controllers support the IEC telecontrol protocols 60870-5-101, -103 and -104, 61400-25 and 61850, including GOOSE telegrams, putting them in the best position for handling the future challenges of the energy market. Get quick access to remote systems in the smart grid – be it via an internal network, the telephone system, the Internet, wireless via GSM (e.g., GPRS) or by radio links (e.g., TETRA).

High performance, extensive interfaces

These two controllers do not hold back: Inside the compact enclosure churns a Cortex A8 processor at 600 MHz, and the 16 MB program memory and a 64 MB data buffer give you the backup you need for complex telecontrol tasks. An SD card slot is also on board for exporting data and programs. Flexible connection of other peripheral and control systems is provided by two ETHERNET and one RS-232/RS-485 interface with the implemented protocols such as MODBUS TCP/UDP/RTU. The PFC200 Telecontrollers will also support encryption via IPsec and VPN in the future to provide the highest security standards. Additional benefits are also provided by the “Embedded Linux” operating system, including an “open source” option for adapting the source code to your own needs at any time. These telecontrol professionals also shine under extreme conditions: Thanks to a temperature range of -20 to +60°C and a robust enclosure without any moving parts, such as fans, drives and batteries, these control systems are ideal for tough industrial environments.

For large or small applications? You decide!

If the complex 750-8202/025-001 Controller is to be used in large applications, the ECO version (750-8202/025-002) is a reasonably priced alternative for customers with smaller tasks and a limited number of modules. In contrast to the high-end version, the ECO model can accommodate a maximum of four I/O modules: As a result, the ECO version not only saves you a third of the costs over other versions, it saves space at the same time, providing you with an economical but powerful controller for smaller applications, such as for controlling virtual power plants, reducing the power of EEG systems, or monitoring of transformer stations.

Your benefits with telecontrol systems

- Flexibility thanks to IEC 60870-5-101/-103/-104 and IEC 61850 in one controller

- Easy configuration using IEC-60870 and IEC-61850 communication in CODESYS

- The right control unit to suit your needs with hardware in different performance classes (controller, PFC, IPC)

- Use of the wide spectrum of 750 Series I/O Modules

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