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Easy Configuration of Transducers and Isolation Amplifiers

Performance meets user friendliness – The new interface configuration software for JUMPFLEX® transducers and isolation amplifiers from WAGO automatically detects all configured versions, can be easily and quickly installed and is immediately ready for use.

The new software interface exhibits a number of design changes and functions for configuring transducers in a snap. Performance of the free, leaner interface configuration software has been noticeably enhanced. The software runs on all 32-bit or 64-bit Windows PCs. Communication between the PC and the JUMPFLEX® transducers or isolation amplifiers takes place via the WAGO 750-923 USB Service Cable, or the WAGO 750-921 Bluetooth® Adapter.

New features include automatic detection of connected modules. The graphic user interface is clearly laid out and easy and fast to use to adjust ranges and settings even finer.

Frequently used commands can be reached directly through a main menu at the top of the dialog window. Current data is read out, modified and then read back into the device at the click of a button. Process values are also conditioned and displayed as a trend curve. All of the parameters can be saved and used for other JUMPFLEX® devices of the same type.

In the Offline mode, transducers can even be configured when they are not connected. This type of pre-configuration can, among other things, also prove useful in the planning phase.

Benefits of the configuration software:

  • Automatic module detection
  • Visualization of process values
  • Parameterization of the digital switch output (threshold functionality)
  • Communication via WAGO 750-923 USB Service Cable or WAGO 750-921 Bluetooth® Adapter

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