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JUMPFLEX® Transducers – Convenient Handling and Technology Made to Use

Add new, keep the best. This was the stated goal behind the development of the new 2857 Series of devices. The JUMPFLEX® 857 Series Isolation Amplifiers and Transducers already represented the industry standard when it came to user friendliness and technology. The 2857 Series now welcomes a new connecting technology, along with a wide variety of other special and new features on board. One thing has remained the same however: the options for easy commoning across the different device housings.

Reliable signal adjustment, regardless of the physical size and transmission path: In the sector of process automation, WAGO's 857 and 2857 Series JUMPFLEX® Isolation Amplifiers and Transducers enhance signal quality, thus increasing the availability of machines and systems. Designed to provide easy commissioning, operation and maintenance, the JUMPFLEX® devices make your everyday work easier thanks to the interaction of excellent user convenience, coupled with comprehensive functions.

Uniform Contour, Removable Display, Wide Range of Marking Options

The 2857 Series devices have the same contour at the bottom of the housing as the 857 Series, allowing easy jumpering of the supply voltage between devices of these two series, doing away with the need for time-consuming wiring of the individual components. Besides this, you can also freely configure the devices as you need: either in the conventional manner using DIP switches, or with our newly developed PC software. Use of this software is intuitive, as is our app for smartphones and our newly developed display. This places an unmatched wide range of options at users' fingertips which can be customized to local conditions. The display can be easily and quickly plugged onto the housing and is equipped with a capacitive touch panel that can be used to configure devices in the quick and convenient manner you are accustomed to with a smartphone. The display indicates different operating statuses with different colors. A special added value are the extensive features, such as the copying function, which can be used to transfer saved configuration data of one device to other devices of the same type. Passwords for protecting configured data can also be assigned to prevent unauthorized access or changes. The display can also be used to configure notification of limit violations and limit alarms.

The transducers can also be marked in a variety of ways so that you stay informed and aware in any situation: The housing can be marked using marking strips as well as WMB and WMB Inline markers. The ejectors for each connector can also be marked using the Micro-WSB marking system, enabling every input, output and power supply range to be marked individually and uniquely assigned to the application - for maximum transparency throughout the system.

Start with Current Transformer, Isolation Amplifier and Temperature Limit Switch

The current transducer for measurement of linear and non-linear current signals boasts of an input measuring range from 0 to 100 A AC/DC. All standard power measurement tasks are accomplished by combining average value and real r.m.s. value measurement. The isolation amplifier transforms input signals in a current range of 0.1 to 100 mA and in a voltage range of 0 to 60 mV, up to 0 to 220 VDC. All signals can also be set as bipolar signals (±). The isolation amplifier can be configured for nearly any application, thanks to this broad input signal range. Output-end thresholds can be set and assigned to a defined switching response using the two temperature limit switches, for both platinum and nickel resistance sensors and for thermocouples, providing users with options for configuring ON/OFF functions, hystereses and time delays.

When all of its mechanical and electrical features are added up, JUMPFLEX® constitutes a product program with a wide variety of unique attributes. And what's more, the user's daily work is made enormously easier thanks to a number of intuitive options for configuration, such as the app or the display. But it does not end there - the flexibility of optimally adapting the devices to local system needs and conditions were central points in the development of this product series. As a result, JUMPFLEX® sets the standards for isolation amplifiers and transducers on the market.

Your benefits with these transducers:

  • Full jumpering capability
  • Removable control unit
  • Wide range of marking options
  • Variable connection technology (pluggable/fixed/empty)
  • Variety of configuration possibilities
  • Temperature range of -25 to +70°C


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