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New 8-Channel Analog Output Module

New 8-Channel Analog Output Module

8-Channel Analog Output Module 750-597

The 8-channel analog output module 0 … 10 V/±10 V impresses in three ways: by its functions, effective use of space in the control cabinet flanked by the price. Learn more about the 8-AO I/O module.

2-wire technology, 8 channels on a narrow overall width of 12 mm and configurable output signals: Electrically isolated, the 8-channel analog output module from WAGO transmits the process values to the actuators at a 12-bit resolution. All outputs can be easily configured individually via software, such as WAGO-I/O-CHECK and fieldbus device description files, so they can be perfectly tuned to your application.

8-Channel Analog Output Module (750-597)

The analog output module (750-597) has many strengths; it outputs analog signal voltages of 0 … 10 V and ±10 V. In addition, the two signal ranges are individually scalable to your application requirements in the range of 0–11 V/± 11 V. Additionally, 2-wire actuators can be directly connected to the outputs. For each output signal of the eight channels, software can be used to quickly and conveniently to set the signal voltages. Further, WAGO has given the 8-channel analog output module supply voltage monitoring in addition to feedback protected and short-circuit protected outputs.

Technical Highlights of the 8-Channel Analog Output Module (750-597)

  • Generates standard output signals (0 … 10 V/±10 V) in 2-wire connection technology
  • Output range expansion to 0 … 11 V/±11 V
  • 12-bit resolution
  • Supply voltage monitoring
  • Feedback protected

Your Added Value with WAGO

  • Save valuable cabinet space
  • Configurable output signal via controller and WAGO-I/O-CHECK
  • High accuracy
  • High functionality at an attractive price/performance ratio

Why 8-Channel Analog Output Modules from WAGO?

Sharpen your edge with the analog output modules in 2-wire technology with advanced capabilities such as individually configurable channels. WAGO’s new modules trim space and complexity by reducing the number of modules required per node thanks to a greater number of channels per module and direct 2-wire connection technology. Despite having more channels, the dimensions of the analog output modules remain the same, reducing costs through downsized control cabinets. Another significant advantage of the AO modules: an outstanding price/performance ratio.

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Die 8-Kanal-Analogausgangsklemme 0 … 10 V/±10 V überzeugt durch Funktionen, effektive Raumausnutzung im Schaltschrank flankiert durch den Preis. Erfahren Sie jetzt mehr!
Model: 8-Kanal-Analogausgangsklemme
Product ID: 750-597
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