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EPSITRON® COMPACT Power Supplies: Compact and Cost-Effective in Any Mounting Position

WAGO's EPSITRON® COMPACT Power Supplies can now be more flexibly installed. The economical rail-mounted devices can be mounted on DIN-35 rails as well as on mounting plates – optimal for the most varied of applications, such as in devices and appliances for use in residential households according to EN 60335.

Flexible Assembly

The compact and economical EPSITRON® COMPACT Power Supplies are optimally suited for screw mounting or rail mounting in standard 24 VDC applications. The flexible installation thereby enables retrofitted installation of the slim power supplies and saves additional space in the switch cabinet.

Higher Output Power in Alternative Mounting Positions

EPSITRON® COMPACT Power Supplies have a nominal output voltage of 24 VDC and are available in the following sizes: 1.3 A (787-1202), 2.5 A (787-1212), 4.2 A (787-1216), and 6 A (787-1226) To improve the thermal characteristics, the front plate can be removed in the 1.3 A and 2.5 A versions of the power supplies.

Pluggable Connection Technology for Push-In Connections

The compact format of the devices is designed for low spatial requirements in switch cabinets. The power supplies also feature picoMAX® Pluggable Connectors. The latter provides fast, vibration-proof, and maintenance-free push-in connection of solid or fine-stranded conductors. The pluggable connectors enable convenient pre-wiring, and are an advantage during marking and maintenance.

Your Advantages with EPSITRON® COMPACT Power Supplies:

  • Wide range of applications due to DIN-35 rail and screw mounting
  • Higher output power in alternative mounting positions due to better cooling
  • Can be integrated into devices for use in domestic households according to EN 60335
  • Easy maintenance due to pluggable connection technology
  • Compact design saves space in the switch cabinet

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