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Linux® – Automation for the Future

Linux® – Automation for the Future

Uniting what belongs together: powerful WAGO hardware and the future-oriented Linux® operating system. For example, WAGO's “Embedded Linux®” Controllers impress with base images that are expandable via open-source packages or by integrating external CODESYS libraries. WAGO is, and will continue to be, a primary source for information on the “open-source” operating system; the firm is also dedicated to distributing “Board Support Packages” (BSP).

In addition to their scalability through the open-source community, WAGO's controllers with open-source operating system boast code bases that are continually developed and maintained by WAGO. This dedication means that the controllers will rise to any future challenges. WAGO's controllers offer programming in either IEC 61131 with CODESYS or directly in Linux® to create complex tasks.

WAGO: “Gold Member” of the OSADL User Organization

WAGO is actively engaged in developing and consolidating the real-time characteristics of Linux® in the industry. As a “Gold Member” of the Open Source Automation Development Lab (OSADL), WAGO supports both financing and further development of Linux® in the industrial sector. Find additional information about the industrial group at OSADL

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Linux® Distribution for New Generation of Linux® Controllers

WAGO's controllers are fully equipped, powerful Linux® machines. WAGO offers a comprehensive Board Support Package (BSP) with many tools and multiple IEC libraries to integrate more than 400 different I/O modules. In addition, the Linux® controllers’ price/performance ratio make them compelling purchases. The embedded Linux is based on an RT-Preempt real-time kernel, which features a real-time patch.

The base image of all controllers with a Linux® operating system can be individually expanded with open-source packages. Thus, it is possible to use several runtime environments, such as PHP and Python. Another advantage of Linux®-based controllers is the integration of external CODESYS libraries that are written in C code to quickly expand the PLC functions. Alternatively, the runtime environment can also be completely created by its own C/C++ programs, permitting access to both the internal bus as well as Modbus, CAN and Profibus.

Advantages of “Embedded Linux®” in WAGO's Controllers:

  • Linux® BSP as distribution with many tools
  • IEC libraries for integrating 400 different I/O modules
  • Service and support
  • Superior investment protection
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Strictest quality assurance

Embedded Linux® Inside

PFC100 Series
PFC200 Series

Advantages of Real-Time Linux® for Industrial Applications

Real-time Linux® is among the most widely used industrial operating systems. For example, the real-time extension offers full priority-controlled processes in the real-time area or the possibility of using processes in the user area with the CFS scheduler (Completely Fair Scheduling).

WAGO's Linux® BSP distribution benefits from the open-source concept: For almost any task, software tools are available as open-source solutions that are continually developed by the Linux® community. Another advantage over other operating systems is security. In addition to a strict division of access rights and a comprehensive user and group rights management, security leaks can be quickly eliminated by the community. Linux® is very mature and extremely stable thanks to the open-source concept.

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