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New Input Modules: Easily Integrate PTC Thermistor and Resistance Sensors

Connect PTC thermistors and resistance sensors faster and easier with new modules from the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750.

New additions to the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM: an 8-channel PTC digital input module for connecting to PTC thermistors, as well as 4-and 8-channel analog input modules for resistance sensors. The PTC Digital Input Module (750-1425) comes with eight channels for connecting up to six PTC thermistors in series per channel. Use this PTC Digital Input Module to connect up to 48 PTC thermistors according to DIN 44081 and DIN 44082 for thermal monitoring (overload protection) of motors, machinery and bearings. When the nominal response temperature is exceeded, or if a wire break or short circuit occurs, a bit is set in the input process image of the 12-mm-wide module. One green status LED and one red error LED per channel reliably indicate excessive temperatures or a wiring error. Field and system levels are electrically isolated.

4-Channel and 8-Channel Analog Input Modules — Fast and Easy Configuration

Connect Pt and Ni resistance sensors with the 4-Channel and 8-Channel Analog Input Modules. These modules are also equipped with a red status LED for indicating a disruption in the sensor line, or if the measurement range’s upper or lower limits have been reached. Use WAGO-I/O-CHECK, or GSD files to freely configure either the 4-Channel or 8-Channel Analog Input Module. When using the 8-Channel Analog Input Module (750-451), connection is made with 2-wire technology; when using the 4-Channel Analog Input Module (750-450), 2-, 3- or 4-wire technology is employed. Potentiometers are connected with 3-wire technology. Regardless of variant, all modules impress with their versatile and wide range of settings, high resolution and accuracy.

Your advantages with the new input modules:

  • Connection to PTC thermistors according to DIN 44081/44082 (750-1425)
  • Support all standard RTD sensors (750-451 and 750-450)
  • 8 channels in 2-wire technology (750-1425) or 8AI RTD in 2-wire technology/4AI RTD in 2-, 3- and 4-wire technology (750-451 and 750-450)
  • Up to six PTC thermistors can be connected in series per channel (750-1425)
  • Parameterizable (input signals, filters, limit values) (750-451 and 750-450)

750-1425 in the eShop

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