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WAGO's BACnet MS/TP Controller – Top Features, Cost Effective I/O Connection

Streamlined planning and implementation of building functions: WAGO's new BACnet Controller supports MS/TP interface via standard twisted-pair cable and boasts top features, as well as simple I/O field connection.

The market trend of using BACnet in the field level is going on. As a response, WAGO has launched the new BACnet Controller (750-829) with MS/TP master functionality. It combines the technical features of the proven BACnet IP Controller (750-831) with communication via MS/TP (Master-Slave/Token-Passing) interface.

From simple reading and control of sensors/actuators from the field to complex regulation tasks – Easy-to-install twisted-pair cables make WAGO's 750-829 Controller the flexible and cost-effective solution for serial building communication.

WAGO's PLC for both HVAC systems and room automation

The controller not only performs centralized/decentralized control and regulation tasks in compact HVAC systems or room automation applications. It also provides a fast and flexible interface to application-specific fieldbuses, such as DALI, LON®, KNX, EnOcean or MP-Bus. Furthermore, multiple sensors/actuators can be directly and cost-effectively connected to the BACnet controller's I/O modules.

BACnet – Trending, Alarming, Scheduling

The 750-829 Controller supports the B-BC (BACnet Building Controller) device profile, including all major BACnet features. Even in “native” operating mode, the controller comes in as the perfect solution: It automatically creates the appropriate BACnet objects for the individual channels of the connected I/O modules. Other BACnet objects can be easily created via CODESYS programming environment. WAGO's BACnet Configurator provides quick and easy controller start-up, while supporting functions like “backup & restore” or “time synchronization.” The integrated device manager simplifies configuration in complex BACnet networks, allowing data point export/import, as well as table representation.

Large Memory, Fast Processor, Useful Features

The controller's features speak for themselves: High-performance 32-bit CPU, 1024 kB program and data memory, 28 kB retain memory, as well as 4.5 MB file system. Another benefit: the service interface for CODESYS and Web-based Management.

Benefits of WAGO's BACnet MS/TP Controller:

  • MS/TP interface
  • High-speed processor
  • Native server
  • BACnet device profile (B-BC)
  • Service interface (ETHERNET) for CODESYS/Web-based Management

The BACnet MS/TP Controller will be available during the first quarter of 2015.

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