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New 8-Channel Analog Input Modules

Slash control cabinet space requirements and boost value with an excellent price/performance ratio: Three new 8-channel analog input modules for 2-conductor sensors each impress by packing high channel density into a 12 mm width. The modules also boast a high level of measurement accuracy and resolution, and they provide this with a price/performance ratio that’s unmatched. For expedited engineering, the analog input modules can be quickly configured using WAGO-I/O-CHECK software or via device description files.

WAGO's 8-Channel Analog Input Modules excel at quickly and accurately transmitting the measured variables as digital values (e.g., temperature, pressure or flow) to the controller. These signals were first converted by sensors into analog values. All inputs can be easily configured individually via software, such as WAGO-I/O-CHECK and fieldbus device description files, so they can be perfectly tuned to your application.

8-Channel Analog Input Modules with a Trio of Benefits: Less Cabinet Space, Greater Functionality, Less Cost

Sharpen your edge in 2-wire technology with advanced capabilities such as individually configurable channels. WAGO’s new modules trim space and complexity by reducing the number of modules required per node thanks to a greater number of channels per module and direct 2-wire connection technology. Despite having more channels, the dimensions of the analog input modules remain the same, reducing costs through downsized control cabinets. Another significant advantage of the AI modules: an outstanding price/performance ratio.

Advantages of All 8-Channel Analog Input Modules:

  • Compact design (8 channels in a 12 mm wide housing)
  • 2-wire technology for sensor connection
  • Diagnostics and user limiting values for each channel can be parameterized
  • Controller configurable via WAGO-I/O-CHECK and device description files
  • Push-in CAGE CLAMP® connection technology
  • Compelling price/performance ratio


8-Channel Analog Input Module 0–10 V/±10 V

The 750-497 Analog Input Module has many strengths: their eight voltage inputs allow them to record standard input signals for the 0–10 V and ±10 V measurement ranges. Additionally, 2-wire sensors can be directly connected to the inputs. Each of the eight channels can be parameterized individually, allowing extensive diagnostics to be adjusted to suit user limits. User calibration allows you to adjust to the operating conditions. In addition, the two measurement ranges are individually scalable to your application requirements in the range of 0–11 V/± 11 V.

Advantages of the 8-Channel Analog Input Module 0–10 V/±10 V:

  • Eight configurable measurement channels, measure input signals of 0–10 V and ±10 V
  • Expanding to the measurement range of 0–11/±11 V is possible
  • 12-bit resolution
  • Diagnostics: Violation of upper/lower process value limits


8-Channel Analog Input Module 0–20 mA, 4–20 mA

The eight current input channels of the 8AI module (750-496) allow standardized standard signals to be recorded for the following measurement ranges: 0–20 mA and 4–20 mA (standard) and 3.6–21 mA (NAMUR). The 8AI offers offers engineers several benefits – in addition to filtering noise, user limits and many other diagnostics can be parameterized for each channel via software. To adapt to operating conditions, the bus module supports optional user calibration. In addition, the measurement ranges are individually adjustable to meet application requirements via user scaling. Another advantage is the elimination of an external power supply for 2-wire sensors (loop powered), which is provided by the analog input terminal for each channel. This eliminates additional costs for potential duplication.

Your Advantages with the 8-Channel Analog Input Module 0–20 mA, 4–20 mA

  • Measurement of 0–20 mA and 4–20 mA, as well as the 3.6–21 mA ranges per NAMUR specification
  • 12-bit resolution
  • Diagnostics: Wire break, short circuit, violation of upper/lower process value limits
  • 8 x 24 VDC potential for power supply to sensors directly from the bus module
  • Conversion time: 10 ms for all inputs


8-Channel Thermocouple Module

The 750-458 8-Channel Thermocouple Module connects standard thermocouples (e.g., type I, C or K) to offer mV measurement and extensive diagnostic capabilities. These settings and additional application thresholds are individually configurable for each channel. This is performed quickly and easily using software such as WAGO-I/O-CHECK and device description files. For the required temperature reference of the thermocouples, internal and external cold junction compensation is included with the thermocouple module to neutralize unwanted cold junctions.

Your Advantages with the 8-Channel Thermocouple Module:

  • Connection of standardized thermocouples and measurement in the mV range
  • Internal or external cold junction compensation
  • Diagnostics: Wire break, violation of upper/lower process value limits

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8-Kanal-Analog-Eingangsklemmen wie 0 - 10 V, 0 - 20 mA, 4 - 20 mA sowie 8-Kanal-Thermoelementklemmen in 2-Leiter-Technik günstig hier kaufen!
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