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WAGO PFC200 Controller Family Adds PROFIBUS-DP Master Interface Variant

This new controller expands the application scope of the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM.

Adding the new PROFIBUS controller with DP Master interface gives WAGO’s PFC200 Controller family additional capabilities. This compact controller readily collects and processes data in industrial environments via a PROFIBUS network with various subscribers. It then provides high-speed communication with sensors and actuators in various machines and systems. In addition to a standard controller, an extended-temperature variation of WAGO’s PFC200 with PROFIBUS Master interface also joins the range. A greater temperature operating range of -20 to 60°C gives this controller tremendous flexibility, particularly in industrial machines as well as in areas with higher requirements.

Your top 5 advantages with the new PFC200 with PROFIBUS DP Master Interface

  • Simple data logging of various subscribers via the PROFIBUS network.
  • Linux® real-time operating system
  • Custom integration of your field equipment using PROFIBUS DP or one of our 500 I/O modules.
  • Comprehensive protection with IT security packages such as SSL/TLS 1.2, SSH, VPN and Firewall
  • Other interfaces such as CANopen and RS-232/-485 included as standard features.

Simple Programming, Secure Communication

These new PFC200 controllers utilize the Linux® real-time operating system and can be programmed using the industry-proven WAGO-I/O-PRO configuration software based on CODESYS. GSD files can be easily read in via the integrated PROFIBUS configurator. Simultaneously, sensitive production data is optimally protected by comprehensive security packages such as SSL/TLS 1.2, SSH, VPN and Firewall.

Proven Controller with Improved Hardware

Matching these controllers’ new capabilities is hardware that has been completely revised and optimized for these models. Other controllers within the PFC200 family still use tried-and-true ETHERNET and CAN interfaces. The new controllers with PROFIBUS DP Master interfaces also have a wide variety of approvals, allowing them to be used in virtually any application. Additionally, nearly every one of the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM’s 500+ I/O modules are supported by WAGO’s 750 Series local bus. This means that in addition to digital and analog I/O modules, several specialty modules are available for logging and processing highly varying signals.

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