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Reduced to the Essentials: WAGO's new 2065 Series SMD Terminal Block

Completely minimized, WAGO’s new 2065 Series SMD Terminal Block provides the industry’s greatest termination capability in an ultra-compact footprint. Just 2.7 mm tall, 2065 Series features a compact design and accommodates conductors 0.2–0.75 mm2 (24–18 AWG).

Because most LED applications do not require protection against accidental contact, the 2065 Series was designed without an insulated housing for an extremely low-profile design. This compact design considerably reduces on-board shadowing, while providing engineers with additional freedom for designing LED modules and optical systems.

Advantages of WAGO's 2065 Series SMD Terminal Blocks:

  • Minimize on-board LED shadowing via compact design
  • Terminate solid and fine-stranded conductors ranging in size from 0.2–0.75 mm2 (24–18 AWG)
  • Connect solid conductors via Push-in CAGE CLAMP® termination
  • Easily terminate fine-stranded conductors and remove all conductors via operating tool
  • Suitable for pick-and-place assembly

Easy to Use:

Industry-proven Push-in CAGE CLAMP® connection allows solid conductors to be terminated by simply pushing them into the unit. An operating tool makes opening the clamping unit easy when terminating fine-stranded conductors. The operating tool features an entry funnel, making conductor insertion easier without affecting the terminal block size.

In addition to standard LED and chip-on-board (COB) module applications, the 2065 Series with its unique features can also be used beyond lighting applications to connect sensors and other devices, providing an appealing alternative to manual wire soldering in tight spaces.

PUSH WIRE® Models for Even More Space Savings

The 2065 Series is also available with PUSH WIRE® connection for solid conductors. These models have no push-buttons to make them even slimmer, allowing them to be arranged side-by-side even closer to each other, anywhere where only solid conductors are used.

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