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The Secure Network of the Future – The New 16-Port Industrial Switch

The growing trend towards networking in the industrial and building sector calls for ever more powerful switches with a greater number of ETHERNET ports. The new 16-Port Industrial Switch (852-1106) from WAGO is the ideal solution.

The features of the new 16-port switch (852-1106) speak for themselves: a high data throughput of 1 Gbit and suitability for use in extreme ambient conditions predestine the switch for a broad range of applications. The redundant power supply and alarm relays for clear indication of malfunctions are no less important and ensure uninterrupted data communication. The switch is also easy to configure and install and is best suited for small to medium-sized networks.

Energy Saving and Efficient

The 16-Port Industrial Switch meets the “Energy Efficient Ethernet” standard. Per the IEEE-802.3az standard, the energy consumption is automatically adjusted to the load on the network. Thus, the 16 ports only consume power during data transmission. In addition to energy savings, the easy installation and configuration of the switches reduce the time required for commissioning.

Technical Highlights of the 16-Port Industrial Switch (852-1106):

  • 16 ETHERNET Ports, 10/100/1000 Mbps autonegotiation
  • Extended temperature range: -40 … +70 °C
  • Redundant DC power supply: 12 … 60 V
  • Alarm relays for malfunction indication
  • Supports PROFINET Conformance Class A (IEEE 802.1p)

Your Added Value with WAGO:

  • High port density and narrow width
  • High data throughput thanks to 1 Gbit transfer rate
  • Suitable for extreme ambient conditions thanks to an extended temperature range
  • Energy saving due to “Energy Efficient Ethernet”
  • Uninterruptible network operation due to redundant power supply
  • Prioritization of ETHERNET packages
  • Safety in the event of high electrical voltages thanks to overvoltage protection

Expected availability: April 2017

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