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Adjustable Single-Channel ECBs – EPSITRON®

WAGO's Adjustable EPSITRON® Single-Channel ECB is a reliable safeguard against surge current and short circuiting.

The new, adjustable EPSITRON® ECB (787-2861/0108-0020) is optimally suited for secondary fusing with its wide array of functions. It trips at even a low surge current, making it possible to use a cost-effective basic network device – triggering occurs after just 4 ms in the event of a hard short-circuit. The module's high switch-on capacity also ensures smooth run-up of large capacitive loads.

Thanks to a digital input, WAGO's new ECB is also suitable as an electronic relay, allowing resetting and on/off switching directly on the module or remotely via digital input signal. The adjustable signal output, on the other hand, can be configured for circuit monitoring, for example, doing away with the need for an additional circuit monitoring module. It can also switch off by means of an external relay to provide electrical isolation, with this being activated via the signal output. Thanks to these configuration options for the signal output and the possibility for adjusting the nominal current for devices from 1 to 8 A in 1 A steps, the new ECB enjoys an extremely universal range of application. Applications include machine and equipment manufacturers that frequently use ECBs in their systems to reliably neutralize a ground fault in the control circuit within a defined time period according to EN 60204. ECBs are often chosen over melting fuses for equipment protection due to their high level of accuracy. Furthermore, WAGO ECBs can be reliably used in ambient operating temperatures ranging from −25°C to +70°C – even under extreme conditions.

Your Benefits at a Glance

  • Adjustable digital signal output with 7 different setting options
  • Just 6 mm wide
  • 24 VDC/1–8 adjustable nominal current in 1 A steps
  • Switch-on capacity: > 50,000 µF
  • Wide operating temperature range: -25 … +70°C

Maximize Space in the Control Cabinet

Only 6 mm wide, WAGO's new single-channel circuit breaker is around 66 percent smaller than standard circuit breakers, thus saving considerable space in the control cabinet. The new ECBs are also modular and enable direct input voltage commoning with minimum wiring, while simplifying input voltage connection to JUMPFLEX® 857 and 2857 Series units. Signal inputs and outputs can also be combined into sum signals by using jumpers.

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