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New Items

SMD Terminal Block

WAGO's new 2065 Series SMD Terminal Block

PCB terminal blocks

WAGO's new range of PCB terminal blocks for power electronics

Power and Voltage Tap

Solution for 95 mm2 High-Current Through Terminal Block with POWER CAGE CLAMP

Single-Channel Electronic Circuit Breakers

Maximum Security at Maximum Speed

PFC200 Controller

With PROFIBUS-DP Master Interface Variant

JUMPFLEX® signal conditioners

Four new ones for your measuring tasks


Save 40% more space!

The 221 Series Compact Splicing Connector for all conductor types saves 40% more space than its predecessor.

Product Highlights

  • 07436/E0 BV
    Item Assignment: 280-685, 280-676, ...
    Category: Documentation/Certificate
    Version: -
    PDF: 1.79 MB
    Date: 02.12.2016
    Rail-mounted terminal block systems > Rail-Mounted Terminal Blocks, Classic > Function terminal blocks > Disconnect terminal blocks
  • CCA-2612
    Item Assignment: 273-158, 273-108, ...
    Category: Documentation/Certificate
    Version: -
    PDF: 0.91 MB
    Date: 01.12.2016
    Terminal blocks and connectors > Installation connectors > PUSH WIRE® Connectors for Junction Boxes (273, 773 Series) > PUSH WIRE® Connectors for Junction Boxes (273 Series / 2.5 mm²)

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Automation technology

Future-proof, time saving automation technology from WAGO increases efficiency in industry and building technology. The product portfolio for open-loop control, closed-loop control and visualization includes for example components from the I/O systems, such as fieldbus couplers, panels or controllers (PLCs) for the most commonly used fieldbus systems such as PROFIBUS or MODBUS (ETHERNET). The programmable devices here are based on CODESYS. For applications that were developed in conventional programming languages such as C/C++, solutions are also available as open platforms based on a real-time capable “Embedded Linux” operating system. Our components ensure reliable and safe operation round the clock for applications with particular requirements such as explosion protection or functional safety.

An extensive product portfolio from our electronics range, including power supply units, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), transducers, isolation amplifiers, current transformers and AC/DC converters, as well as optocouplers and relays, is available for optimum supply, conversion and protection.

Connection technology

Simple, safe, maintenance free: For DIN rails, circuit boards or as connectors in dado trunking, in junction boxes or control cabinets – WAGO offers the right electrical connection technology for every application.

Thanks to the spring pressure connection technology, WAGO products reduce your wiring requirements and prevent downtimes and service costs. The product range includes the well-known “WAGO clamp,” rail-mounted terminal blocks, different connectors for circuit boards or modular empty housings for individual electronic solutions. Different thermal transfer printers are available for labeling the products. A wide range of different SMD terminal blocks are the ideal choice for LED applications and industrial electronics. The advantages of our efficient products benefit applications in a wide range of sectors, such as building technology, machine building, installation engineering, and power engineering.

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